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{SPEAKER name="William Ennis/Shirley Schultz (interpreter)"}
Did you know, also that the five dollar bill has his picture on it?Five dollar bill? Well the Republic of Texas five dollar bill has his picture on it. The only deaf person I know of who has his picture on currency.

{SPEAKER name="Jo Radner"}

{SPEAKER name="William Ennis/Shirley Schultz (interpreter)"}

My friends, I would like to add another laurel to Texas brags. [[LAUGHTER]]

You'll find in the Guinness Book of World Records, a deaf man named LeRoy Columbo who saved almost 1000 lives as a life guard in Galveston, Texas. The state legislature voted to have a minute of quiet respect for him.

Columbo is his name, LeRoy. Also you're talking about spats. At the school for the deaf in New York City, the first thing I noticed about spats was a coach of a deaf, a deaf coach, he went to the games wearing spats with a tie and a jacket.

He would tell—be directing his team. Nowadays coaches take them off, not only that. Ties off and a lot rougher with their voice.

{SPEAKER name="Jo Radner"}

Thank you for sharing that. I wish that we could go on and on and on but we can't because we have another program coming into this tent. So if you want to discuss these things with our participants, please stay around and do that after the program.

We will be having a sign language class, introductory sign language class, in this tent right after this and then after that we'll have another discussion workshop with these people.
Lets thank them very much.

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