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Sandy Ewan? Ewan. His father and Doc who we talked about yesterday and another deaf man, photographer went up to the Washington monument in 1930s.

On the outside, not on the inside. At that time they were cleaning it. His father was, grandfather was foreman, took them up scaffold to the top.


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And if you want even more of that and a picture, sorry.
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Excuses us. If you would like to know even more about that and see a picture of that event, you can go over to our craft sales tent and we may have a few copies of Jack's book left. You'll find the picture, I don't remember the page.

Okay, I'd like to make a couple of announcements.
For our deaf visitors, we'd love to have you share your stories with us. If you could go over to our other tent we have a video tape crew from Gallaudet College.

They're working to make a collection of stories by deaf people; life stories, jokes, anecdotes for the Gallaudet archives and would be glad to interview you over there at any time.

Also, we will be having a volunteer interpreter for the deaf-blind at this festival, during the next three days if you have any friends who would like to take advantage of that service.

So please if you have a deaf-blind friend, tell me, tell one of our staff and well get that interpreter here for them. Okay thank you all very much.

{SPEAKER name="Jo Radner"}
Introduce your sign language teacher today, her name is Elaine Aiello and she's a professional teacher of sign language in the Washington area. She's interpreting for me now and she's also reading my lips

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