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CHI, Mrs. Y. Andreas, (Ivy), 4, Lane 27, Sec 2, Chungshan N. Rd., Tel 45048
CHI, Mrs. Ying, (Vincent), 10, Lane 41, Chuan Chow Street
CHIANG, Mrs. Mon-Lin, JCRR, Tel 44390
*CHUTTER, Mrs. Reginald F.
COATES, Mrs. James E. (Catherine), ICA, 36, Alley 1, Lane 5, Sec 3, Jen Ai Rd.
COCHRAN, Mrs. William P. (Marjorie), US Embassy, 18 Chung Shen Rd. N. / Tel 28086 Tel 45070
COCKRELL, Mrs. Harry, CAT, Tel YMS 53
COEYMAN, Mrs. William M. (Mildred) FFAAT, MAAG, Tien Mou, Tel 45155
COLE, Mrs. Theodore F. (Betty), ICA, 9, Lane 49, Shuang Cheng St., Tel 45640
COMBS, Mrs. Leslie R. (Thelma), JCRR, 7, Lane 178, Chien Cuo S. Rd., Tel 29132
CONNOLLY, Mrs. Joel L. (Virginia), ICA, 32, Lane 143, Hangchow S. Rd., Tel 29146
CONROY, Mrs. John J. (Florence), US Embassy, 10, Lane 133, Hsin Sheng Rd., Tel 23809
CONSTANT, Mrs. Thomas M. (Clarine), Army Sec MAAG, Tel Tiel Mou/ 45356, Ext 23
COSTEA, Mrs Louis (Kay), ICA
CRAVEN, Mrs. William D (Gladys), 1, Alley 3, Lane 119, Nanking E. Rd.
CRAWLEY, Mrs. James (Lee), Adj. Gen Hq, MAAG, Tel [[?]] 8
CREAGHE, Mrs. John S. (Norma), U.S. Embassy, 47, Chung Chen Rd., Yin Ming Shan 
DAVENPORT, Mrs. Philip N. (Mary Clare), U.S. Embassy, 6, Lane 133, Hsin Sheng Rd.
DAVIS, Mrs. Benjamin O. (Agatha), 13th Air Force, Tel 45356, (58) Tel 24168
DAVIS, Mrs Claude c. (Loraine), Finance Officer, MAAG Hq. Com. Tel 44518
DE BEAUSSET, Mrs. V.S. (Connie), J.G. White, Pao Ching Rd., Tel Peitou 135
DELANY, Mrs. Arthur G. (Katherine), Hqs MAAG, Area E. 17, Grass Mt.
DICKER, Mrs. Frank W. (DOlores), 3rd C.A.T., Army Sec MAAG, Tel 45356, Ext. 6
DOMINGO, Mrs. E.A. (Kay), Philippine Embassy, 16, Lane 120, Roosevelt Rd. Tel 27195
DOO, Mrs. H. J. (Minnie), 5, Lane 43, Chang An E. Rd. Tel 43042
DOVERSPIKE, Mrs. George, (Yvon), JCRR, Tel 29155
DRALLE, Mrs. Anthony (Margaret), NACC, NACC Compound Yang Ming Shan, 42108
DUGGAN, Mrs. W. E. (Claire), NACC, 180 Yon Ping S. Rd., Tel 29872
EASTMAN, Mrs. Francis M. (Beulah), ICA, 10, Lane 85, Sung Chiang Rd. Tel 28086
EKERN, Mrs. Morlin O. (Luella), ICA, Tel 23017
Elliot, Mrs. Richard W. Jr. (Juno), NACC , Lane 74, Sung Chiang Rd., Tel 44518, Ext 30
*EWING, Mrs. Richard
FAN, Mrs. H. Y, 91 Chao Chow St., Tel 25875
FASBENDER, Miss Boradino M., ICA, 43 Sec 3, Chung Shan N. Rd., Tel 45143
*FAY, Miss Marcella
FIELD, Mrs. C. F. (Elizabeth), 10 Wuchang Villa, Sec 3, Chungshan N. Rd. Tel 43526
FISH, Mrs. Robert (Jean), U.S. Air Attache, 12 Chin Shan St., Tel 25597
FITCH, Mrs. G.A. (Geraldine), ARCI, 6 Teh Hui St., Sec 3, Chungshan N. Rd., Tel 24207
FOGARTY, Miss Edelan, U.S. Embassy, 3, Lane 91, Sec 2, Jen Ai Rd. Tel 26683
*FOX, Mrs. Albert C.
FRANKS, Miss Martha, 15, Sec 3, Chungshan N. Rd., Tel 43431
FRENCH, Mrs. Ward M. (Charlotte), CAT, Tel 43493
*FULLER, Mrs. Richard E. (Elizabeth), Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington
GABELER, Mrs. Charles P. (Jo Anne), NACC, 39, 87 Sung Chiang Rd. Tel 44518
GLEASON, Mrs. Ralph N. (Margo), JCRR, ICA Billet 100, 8 Lane 46 Sung Chiang Rd. Tel 44031
GOETTE, Mrs. Joseph A. (Margaret), Fiscal Off., MAAG, Area D, Grass Mt., Ext 12
GOODBARNE, Mrs. Harold (Phyllis), 36 Kwei Teh St. Tel 43521
GOODRICH, Mrs. Vernon (Violet), ICA, Billet 48, Tel 29180
GRAF, Mrs. Howard P. (Eleanor), Army Sec. MAAG, Tel Tien Mou, Ext 58
GRAHAM, Mrs. James R., 53, Sec 2. Chung Shan Rd. N., Tel 45862
GRANT, Mrs. R. Y. (Eleanor), ICA, 15, Lane 28, Shuang Chong St., Tel 44176
GRIGSBY, Mrs. Francis M. (Velma) QM Sec., Army Sec., MAAG, Tel 28265

Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact