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8      MAAGLINER     July 1955


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but the bones were covered with black flesh. At the museum we also saw gold chairs and chariots.

The only thing of interest to me in Genoa was Columbus' house. We got our car and drove around Genoa and Piecenza. We saw many castles and fortresses built in the 12th century.

To get to the island city of Venice from Italy we took a long bridge and left our car in a big garage at the end of it. One of the main things we saw at Venice was the Ducal Palace where the ruler of Venice lived.

Then we went to the Armory which has armor, spears, guns, rifles, cannon, shields, helmets, and knives. This armory was gotten together so that when Venice was attacked she would be prepared.

We went over the Bridge of Sighs to the prison. There were cells, cells, and more cells. The prisoners slept on hard rock floors. The Italian name for this bridge is Bridge of Sospiri.

Other things we did in Venice were taking a gondola ride, visiting a glass factory and St. Mark's Cathedral and feeding pigeons in the square.

We intended to go thru Gloss-glockner Pass but it was closed so we took a train thru a long tunnel thru the mountains. After going thru several mountain passes, we arrived in the American Zone in Salzburg, Austria. Here in Austria the countryside is very beautiful and the air is nice and cool and fresh. Because of this the Austrians have very rosy cheeks. It is very nice in Vienna, the only thing wrong is the people drive like crazy.

Please write to me soon,
Sincerely yours,
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The Space Filler By mao guanci

The Army and the Air Force are covered but no news of the Navy- after all, they do get the lettuce and celery here. How about a column from down south on the good US Navy?.... Someone told me that the rainy season was over..Wish now that I'd ordered an umbrella from Okie...Speaking of Okie, when our guys make the 800 mile run to the supermarket the wives in the commissary there are aghast at the quantities they buy - also at the odd things they pick up in the PX, such as, 12 cans of flea powder, 6 fly swatters, plastic toothpicks (except we even have now), not to mention children's shoes and underwear for not only the children....but the 12 cans of flea powder really shook them!....Wonder why the American wives on Okie have so much sympathy for a MAAG patch?...School's out and Mom is a chauffeur again. Wonder how it would feel to drive a block without a horn?...Don't think ours will last much longer..It really deserves a Purple Heart... Hope you had a couple dozen motor impressions made while you were at it. It looks like they'll be handy little gadgets to keep on the shelf...Hope all this drivel doesn't look too ridiculous in print but there was an empty space on page eight when the paper was assembled and I am loyally pinchhitting for Drew Pearson...Think I'll suggest the MAAGLINER solicit ads from local EAT AT JOE's PLACE. WE GUARANTEE OUR COLD BOILED WATER...It's a nice feeling to see the US sailors about town...and also hope their ships brought some of the above mentioned celery and stuff. And it would be nice to have ice cream again...The other day was Dragonboat Day...did you eat any of the traditional food - those rise dumplings?...I still prefer Spring Rolls..wonder if anyone who went home has tried to make them? I guess it will take a long time to get tired of steak and 42 kinds of ice cream...Well, if you've read down this far thanks.
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By Wilma Nealon

There is a feeling of mixed emotions in A. B, and D Area these days. We're happy about receiving new friends in the neighborhood, but at the same time we feel sad about losing some real fine neighbors. Here's what I mean - we were delight-ed to see Capt Joe Le Boeuf home from Matsu for a short visit with wife Dorothy and two youngsters but we hated to hear that the Goodriches were leaving "A" Area for MAAGVILLE. However, the move will work to their advan-tage, its closer to the club and Col Merle will only have to shift into second as he grabs a sandwich and golf clubs on the way to Tamsui. In Area A the Knight's had a cock-tail party for the departing Rileys; Karen Knight had a party on her sixth birthday; Daleys had a dinner party checkered tablecloths candle-light, lasagna, veal scallopini and chianti; the Wilders left A area for quarters E-36; and Major Aaron moved into A-1 awaiting the arrival of his family in August. Life will never be the same again without the Joneses. They leave on the July ship. We wish them a happy trip home and much good luck in their new assignment with Hqs. Continen-tal Army Command at Ft. Monroe. Prior to their departure the Joneses, accompanied by their pride and joy, Mark, took a second trip to Hongkong. Other recent D area visitors to Hongkong were the Kell-ers. All the noise in D area is not caused by the Tiffanys new baby but by Pete Madonia trying to reach his wife Lucene on the golf course. It's nice to hear the piano playing coming from D-12 again. We missed it while Joe Goette was in the hospital. Lets get with it Joe and we'll all meet soon at the 19th hole.
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