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Vol. 3, No. 1005 [[Chinese characters]]  Taipei, Friday, June 10, 1955. [[/Chinese characters]] NT$ 1.00

Molotov Indicates Soviet Acceptance Of West Proposal On Geneva Parley

Paris, June 9 ([[UP) Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov indicated to French Premier Edgar Faure today that Russia will accept the invitation to a Big Four "summit" conference next month in Geneva.
Authoritative French sources said that Molotov told Faure and French Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay at a top level luncheon meeting at the Quai d'Orsay that Russia had no fundamental objection to the dates and place proposed by the West: July 16 to 21 at Geneva.
The French officials said Molotov said the world should turn resolutely toward the future, letting bygones be bygones and not seeking to lay the blame for past difficulties.
Ironically, he first posed for pictures with the French leaders in the same historic Salon de Beauvais where he once said "nyet" to the American aid that became the postwar Marshall Plan.
Paris, June 9 (UP) Soviet Foreign Minister Y. M. Molotov conferred at lunch today with French Premier Edgar Faure and Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay in a meeting that may provide the key to Russia's new diplomatic "peace offensive."
Molotov arrived by plane, two hours behind schedule, and went directly from Orly Airfield to lunch in the Quai d'Orsay.
This afternoon, he will leave by train for Cherbourg. He will sail tonight on the Queen Elizabeth for the United States and a June 29th meeting at San Francisco with the Big Three Western foreign ministers.
Attlee Renamed Leader of Party
London, June 9 (UP) Socialist Members of Parliament unanimously reelected
72-year-old Clement Attlee leader of the Labor Party today.
Attlee's position, as party head for the past 20 years, was threatened by the recent Socialist election defeat.
Left and right wing extremists blamed the setback on weak leadership and his failure to secure party unity.
But today a meeting of nearly all the 277 Laborite MPs in the new Parliament formally expressed faith in him.
A resolution said the meeting "expressed the unanimous will of the party that he should continue in office."

The decision indicated that Attlee would remain in power until the end of the parliamentary session which the Queen opened today--or until about October 1956. 

Cabinet At Bonn OK's Declaration Of Welcome To Russia's Invitation

Bonn, June 8 (CNA-UP) The West German cabinet unanimously approved tonight a government declaration welcoming the Soviet invitation to renew diplomatic and trade relations.

At a meeting that lasted only half an hour, the cabinet voted its approval of the declaration issued after an earlier meeting today.

The declaration said the West German Government "welcomes the proposals to establish trade diplomatic and cultural relations between the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic made by the U.S.S.R. in its note of June 7..."

Tonight's meeting was presided over by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who presented the declaration to his colleagues for their approval.

The cabinet action tonight opened the way for Adenauer to meet with the Soviets, probably after the Big Four conference in Geneva next month. 

[[?]] added that representation of the Western powers would be informed of all actions by the federal government in regard to the Soviet action.

"These preliminaries also include the problem whether the Federal Republic will approve the simultaneous existence in Moscow of both an East and a West German embassy," he said.
Martin, Lewis Branch Out Into Single Acts 
Hollywood, June 9 (AP) Dean Martin said Tuesday he and Jerry Lewis still are under contract as a team, but both are branching out into single acts.

Lewis left last night for a solo appearance at Brown's Hotel in the Catskill mountains of New York and for the premiere of a Martin-Lewis film, You're Never Too Young. Martin said he refused to go because the hotel is where Jerry got his start. 


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ROK Plans APACL Meet at Saigon or Singapore

Seoul, June 9 (UP) Korean leaders of the Asian People's Anti-Communist League are planning the call the league's second conference at Saigon or Singapore in the near future.

League chairman Young P. Lee will send letters to member nations in a week to sound out their opinions on the plan.

The second conference which was slated to be held at Taipei last month was indefinitely postponed after Korean delegates refused to attend because Japan was invited to the meeting as an observer. 
Strikers Resume Work at Ford, GM Across US 
Detroit, June 9 (CNA-UP) More than 50,000 wildcat strikers at Ford and General Motors plants across the U.S started a "back-to-work" move today in response to union leader Walter Reuther's warning to get back on the job.

Reuther and other top CIO United Auto workers officials sent bristling orders to the rebellious workers to end their strikes which have seriously crippled operations of the nation's two biggest auto firms.

Skilled workers at Ford shut down many operations for three days with "protest strikers" claiming they didn't receive enough of a wage increase in the new "guaranteed pay" contract to keep them abreast of skilled workers in other industries.

General Motors workers staged "impatience strikes," hoping their action would speed the pace of negotiations at General Motors where a strike deadline has been set for midnight Sunday. Negotiators, pressing to beat the deadline, staged "marathon-type" negotiations meeting until nearly midnight before quitting for the night. 
Argentina Bans Corpus Christi Day Procession
Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 9 (CNA-UP) Police yesterday banned a street procession for Corpus Christi Day which the Catholic church plans to observe next Saturday. 

The Interior Ministry said the street procession is authorized only for today which is actually Corpus Christi Day. The church postponed the observance of the occasion until Saturday because President Juan D. Peron recently made Corpus Christi Day a regular working day.
South Vietnam Demands Protection For Refugees Fleeing From North 
Saigon, June 9 (CNA-UP) South Vietnam demanded today that the international truce commission act to protect refugees from Communism, who it said are being mistreated on a Red-mastered "ship of death".

The ship is the Polish steamer Kilinsky, the only ship authorized to enter the territorial waters of the Communist-controlled northern half of Indochina to pick up refugees wanting to flee south.

North Vietnamese who survived the voyage and reached Saigon said that on the ship's last trip seven refugees died of starvation and harsh treatment and were thrown into the sea.

Time is running out fast for North Vietnamese wishing to flee Communism. They have only until July 20, and the reportedly "atrocious" conditions aboard the Kilinsky have made many think twice about making the trip.

The refugees, most of them poverty stricken, must pay for all their food aboard the ship. They have almost no water to drink and are guarded constantly by Vietminh soldiers. But when the Kilinsky goes north, taking the rare refugees who want to return to Communism, conditions change drastically.

Food is free and plentiful and the Vietminh guards put their arms away and play concerts.

Through the French mission to the truce commission, the South Vietnamese Government has asked that a center for refugees be set up in North Vietnam under control of the commission. It also asked that there no longer be visas required for leaving North Vietnam, since the Vietminh authorities have been awarding these very parsimoniously. 

South Vietnam asked, thirdly, that only American and French vessels be authorized to bring refugees south, although the Polish vessel can continue to come here to get persons wanting to return to the Communist North.

Settlement Seen On UK Rail Strike Before Weekend 
London, June 9 (CNA-UP) Striking railroad men met with the government for the second time in 72 hours today in a mellowing atmosphere that raised hopes of a settlement by the weekend. After a two and a quarter hour meeting, both sides adjourned the strike until 1100 (1000 GMT) tomorrow when it was hoped they could work out a formula to end the crippling 12-day old rail stoppage, and resume negotiations on wages.

"Nothing of a material character has developed to date," a member of the striking union delegation said after the meeting.

But the fact that "mutual confidence" has been re-established in last night's five-hour initial session and the talks were continuing tomorrow buoyed hopes that the strike may be called off over the weekend to allow later detailed wage negotiations. 
West Mapping Strategy For Summit Talks
Washington, June 9 (UP) U. S., British and French diplomatic experts today began mapping Western strategy for the Big Four "summit" conference, with Russia.

One big problem was how to combat an expected Russian campaign for neutral bloc including West Germany. The West is firmly opposed to such a role for Germany.

The three nation "working party" included Douglas MacArthur II, U. S. State Department counselor; Viscount Hood, head of the Western organizations department in the British Foreign Office, and [[?? ?? ??]] political director of the French Foreign Office. They had their initial meeting yesterday afternoon, and get down to brass tacks today. Their job is to coordinate the policies of the three Western powers in advance on every issue that is expected to come up in the Big Four talks.

There were indications the United States may be warming up to the idea of countering a Soviet drive for a neutral belt in Europe by demanding that the Soviets include their Eastern European satellites in such a belt.
Singapore Bans Hal Hsuan From Sale, Departure
Singapore, June 9 (UP) The United States Government has obtained a Singapore high court order preventing the freighter Hal Hsuan from being sold or from leaving port.

The U. S. Government claims it holds a mortgage of US$400,000 on the vessel. Colony lawyer C. R. Smith, acting for the U. S. Government, said that the order he obtained from the high court had been attached to the vessel's [[?]].

This action follows rumors last week that the Hal Hsuan was to be [[sold?]] to a Hongkong shipping firm.

The Hal Hsuan, a U. S. liberty ship, arrived in Singapore on Jan. 24, 1950, with a cargo of mail from Spain. Her crew switched their allegiance from Nationalist to Communist China.

A month later a party led by an American maritime man working for the Chinese Nationalist Government boarded the ship in the Singapore harbor and tried unsuccessfully to seize her.

The American consul general in Singapore then sought an injunction to restrain the ship from leaving Singapore but the application was dismissed by the chief justice Sir Charles Murray Aynsley.

The ship free to move to any port she liked, however, remained in the harbor and it was believed the new owners and the ship's crew feared interception by Chiang Kai-shek's Navy in any attempt to run to a Red Chinese port.
Assurance Given on Sino-US Tie By Robertsen
New York, June 3 (CNA) The United States Government has given renewed assurance that in any future negotiations with Peiping-American relationship with Free China "will not be sacrificed."

The assurance was given by Assistant Secretary of State for Far East Walter Robertson by the Committee of One Million against Admission of Communist China to the United Nations in reply to the committee's May 18 letter to President Eisenhower on possible negotiations with Peiping.

Stating that points raised in the committee's letter to Eisenhower are valid and timely, Robertson added, "Our relationship with or our staunch and loyal Free Chinese allies must not, and I believe will not, be sacrificed in any discussion that may eventuate between us and the Chinese Communists. You may be assured that in approaching any discussions with the Chinese Communists their record of broken pledges and violated agreements will not be overlooked." 

CAF Pilot Honored For Heroic Death After Patrol Mission Near Nankang
The Chinese Air Force Headquarters yesterday announced the loss of a propeller-driven patrol plane on June 3 when it was hit by Communist antiaircraft gunfire over the vicinity of Nankang, approximately eight knots northeast of [[??]].

The pilot of the plane, Second Lieutenant Chu Tang-yu, was believed to have been killed in the incident when he persisted in his heroic attempt to save the crippled plane rather than to abandon it and save his own life.

He tried to direct the crippled plane to make a crash-landing on Kinmen Island despite the fact that he had but a thread of a chance. The damaged plane which was rapidly dropping to lower altitudes each second, could not make it and crashed into water only a few knots from Kinmen. He perished with the plane.

A report said that the ill-fated plane together with a group of aircraft flew over Nankang at 3:30 p.m. June 3 on a patrol mission, during which, they spotted two Red vessels - one of about [[text unclear]] appeared to be an oil tanker and a Communist gunboat of about 307 tons.

Both Communist ground units and the Red vessels opened anti-aircraft gunfire shortly after sighting the government planes, according to the report.

It said Lieutenant Chu's plane was hit by enemy gunfire at about 4:03 p.m. He reported it to the squadron leader at 4:10 p.m. Lieutenant Chu was instructed to turn back immediately, it was reported.

But the plane was damaged to such an extent that it was dropping to lower altitudes despite all efforts to keep the aircraft up. Even when the plane dropped to an altitude of only 1,500 feet above sea level, the report said, the lieutenant still persisted in his attempt to make a crash landing on Kinmen.

At 4:50 p. m., the report said, the plane was only a few knots northeast of Kinmen. But it had dropped to an altitude of only 500 feet above sea level and was dropping steadily to a still lower altitude. 

The last message from the heroic pilot was "Damage to plane engine getting more serious. Can not maintain flying any longer." Seconds later, the plane crashed into the sea.

Other patrol planes maintained an air cover over that area and wired their base for rescue teams. On receipt of the message a Navy warship rushed to the scene and immediately plunged into rescue work trying to salvage the damaged plane, and save the heroic pilot, the report added.

Hope was abandoned Wednesday. Neither the lost plane nor the missing pilot could be found. Only spots of oil stains could be sighted over that area.

In memory of the loyalty, courage and heroic deeds of the late Lieutenant Chu, Chinese Air Force Commander Wang Shu-ming honored the deceased pilot as "model-military man."
Washington, June 9 (CNA.UP) State Department officials said they could not confirm today a Paris report saying that Soviet Foreign Minister V.M. Molotov had agreed to hold the meeting at the summit in Geneva, Switzerland, July 18-21.

AEC Reports To Congress On Progress In Development of A-Powered Plane
Washington, June 8 (CNA-UP) The Atomic Energy Commission has informed Congress it is making "rapid strides" toward development of an atomic-powered airplane as the result of a "new approach" to the problem.

The advance was disclosed today in hitherto secret congressional testimony by chairman Lewis L. Strauss and other AEC officials. They also revealed plans to more than a 40% increase in atomic production, including at least a 20% boost in atomic weapons. 

In peacetime fields, the officials reported that the Oak Ridge, Tennessee laboratories have succeeded in using sunlight to make synthetic food using green plants. This could pave the way for making food from air and water.

Strauss appeared before a house appropriations subcommittee May 28, the testimony made public today, said that nearly all of the Atomic Energy Commission's vast new plant capacity will be in operation next year.

He asked the subcommittee for $347,458,000 in new funds for making fissionable [[text obscured]] starting July 1.

This would be a 40% increase despite reduced production costs. He also asked $371,135,000 for weapons, a $33,700,000 increase.

The commission's total operating request was $1,645,000,000.

In reporting the rapid strides toward atomic planes, Strauss indicated that scientists may have made a significant "breakthrough" in their research. He asked $37,900,000 for the project, nearly double this year's funds.

AEC general manager K. E. Fields said a "new approach" has been used. his explanation was stricken from the record. 

Strauss also said "increasing attention" is being focused on atomic powered naval vessels. He said the "ultimate promise is propulsion units for ships of all sizes, to permit an entire task force to operate at full speed without refuelling for an indefinite period."
Eddie Choong Listed World Top in Badminton
Singapore, June 8 (CNA-UP) A veteran badminton critic today listed Eddie Choong of Malaya at the top of the world's top 10 singles badminton players.

Davis Arriving Today To Set Up Advance Hqrs. Of 13th Air Force

The joint Sino-American air defense in Taiwan area is entering into a new stage today with the setup of the 13th Air Force Task Force in Taiwan.

Brig. Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., newly appointed vice commander of the U. S. 13th Air Force in the Philippines with the added duty as Commander of the 18th Air Task Force on Taiwan, is scheduled to arrive this afternoon to set up his advance headquarters. From now on, aerial defense of Taiwan area, originally a responsibility of the Fifth Air Force in Tokyo, will be handed over to the Philippines-based 13th Air Force.

Washington recently announced that the jurisdiction of Maj. Gen. Sory Smith's Pacific Air Command will be extended westward from Hawaii and Guam to include Taiwan and the Philippines. This transfer of jurisdiction will naturally combine Taiwan and the Philippines into one defensive unit thus jointly forming an arm of the Pacific Air Command.

With the air power of the Fifth Air Force in Japan and Okinawa in the north and the ready-flying units of the 18th Air Force in the south, the U. S. will be able to meet any emergency in a pincer action against Red Chinese air power.

Meanwhile, new Far East Air Forces Commander Gen [[text obscured]] nounced yesterday in Tokyo the arrival in Taiwan of a task force of F-84G jet fighters capable of delivering atomic bombs from their bases on Okinawa. Equipment and [[copilots?]] were flown in to Taiwan by an advance party. The FEAF announcement did not give the total number of planes that arrived yesterday nor mentioned how long they are to stay here. The Thunderjets, which can carry atom bombs as far as from New York to Moscow, will fly "daily training sorties" while in Taiwan.

Its move is part of the continuing Fifth Air Force deployment exercises to maintain and increase unit mobility and operational potential throughout the Far East, the announcement further said

This is the first time that F-84G type of Thunderjets were sent to this island. The F-84G can deliver an atom bomb in a pinpoint attack, thus meeting U. S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles' suggestion that limited retaliation against the Communist mainland could halt renewed aggression.

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