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While high up on the isolated mountain slopes the young stallions, color still changing, roam. Their performing life was certainly a long one. Starting at the age of four and reaching their peak of perfection in their middle thirties.

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Back in Vienna, the lights of the crystal chandeliers come up and the regal performance commences.

[Music playing]

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Another form of entertainment is the Riesenrad or Farris Wheel. Here Helena like to go with her beau Heindrick on her day away from the piano. The amusement parks is the large area of the Volksgarten, which was originally the hunting grounds of the Royalty, but since being open to the public by Joseph the II, its has become a favorite recreation place for the Vienese. Incidentally, since this day, we got a letter from Helena saying that she and Heinrick are happily married.


{SPEAKER name="Jeanne Porterfield"}
The giant wheel, said to be the largest in the world. Those little red cars hold 30 people. Lifts crowds 24 stories up into the sky. That leisurely takes a quarter of an hour to circle around, giving one plenty of time to enjoy the panorama of the city below. It's little wonder that Vienna has through the centuries been like a magnet, [music playing] attracting the learned, pleasure-seeking, and creative people of the world. There are few cities as rich and with a fabulous history and so filled with noble names. Its story is timeless with its culture touching all shores, and its music filling all hearts.

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