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[[underlined]] LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS AND ISSUES [[/underlined]]

A report on legislative actions and issues noted the introduction of H.R. 3661 which would establish a Smithsonian Institution Senior Service, consistent with the principles, objectives, and compensation provisions of the Senior Executive Service. Measures providing the reappointments of Mrs. Clark and Mr. Johnson as Regents were approved by the President on November 28, 1989, and those providing for the appointment of Mr. Woolsey and Dr. Neal as Regents were enacted on December 7, 1989. On October 2, 1989, S. 1521, which would provide authority for setting National Zoological Park Police pay, was approved by the Senate; it is scheduled for House action on January 30, 1990.

On November 21 Senator Inouye introduced S. 1980 to provide for the repatriation of the Native American group or cultural patrimony and human remains.

The Subcommittee on Libraries and Memorials of the Committee on the House Administration held a hearing on September 21 on the concept of a National African-American Heritage Memorial Museum on the Mall, and the Secretary outlined the Institution's deliberative process for considering the issue. on November 21 Senator Simon (D-Ill) introduced S. 1959, modeled on the Indian Museum legislation, that would authorize the Smithsonian to establish an African-American Heritage Museum.

On September 26 the House Committee on Veterans Affairs reported H.R. 2807, which includes language to encourage the Smithsonian and other Federal agencies to develop and promote exhibitions and commemorations in honor of World War II veterans.


As noted in the Executive Committee Report, in late December the Executive Committee considered "best and final" offers from the governors of Virginia and Maryland and arrived at the unanimous view that the Board of Regents should reaffirm its preference for Dulles Airport as the site for the proposed Extension of the National Air and Space Museum. In making their recommendation to the Regents, the Committee first recognized that both sites would be suitable for the construction of the proposed Extension and that both proposals have been thoughtfully prepared in light of prior specifications laid down by the Smithsonian. Nonetheless, the Committee favored Dulles in light of the following considerations:

Symbolism of the Location - Dulles Airport lies on Federally administered land and is viewed as the prime gateway to the Nation's capital. For the long-term future, its special association with the seat of the Federal Government is assured. The selection of Dulles is the only choice that suitably preserves the Smithsonian's special association with Washington.

Land - Maryland offers a total of 152 acres at the BWI site, as well as a second, 200 acre-site for the future Smithsonian expansion located 1.5 miles from the proposed Extension site. The Virginia offer includes 185 acres at the Dulles site and the possibility of an additional 370 acres of contiguous property. The Dulles site