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American Art in particular for 30 years. Mrs. Spaeth was first appointed to the Archives of American Art Board of Trustees in 1960 and was its first chairman, an elected position she held for 10 years. She now serves as Honorary Chairman and faithfully continues to attend all meetings and to raise funds on behalf of the Archives. 

In addition to service on the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Spaeth has personally given nearly $100,000 in monetary contributions to the Archives and she was one of the first, if not the very first, to conceive the idea of art tours as fund-raising endeavors. Through these tours, which have been world-wide and which she continues to organize, Mrs. Spaeth has attracted more than $900,000 to the Archives' coffers. Such tours are now used widely by museums, universities, and cultural institutions to raise funds.

Mrs. Spaeth has also given a number of documents to the Archives collections, including an illustrated Walt Kuhn letter written to her, copies of two early Walt Kuhn drawings, a sketch by Reginald Marsh, a Salvador Dali letter, 23 photos of colonial portraits by Copley, and a variety of correspondence, catalogs, exhibitions lists, etc., dealing with art exhibitions and the Dayton Art Institute during the 1940s and early 1950s.

The National Museum of American Art has been proud to have Eloise Spaeth as a commissioner of some 20 years standing. She only recently left the Commission due to the institution of a rotation system, after having served as the first female member of the then National Collection of Fine Arts Commission. She has also been a member of the American Art Forum and has given five works of art to the Museum (works by Morton Kaish, Alexander Brook, Karl Knaths, George L. K. Morris and John Opper).

In recognition of these most significant contributions to the Smithsonian, it is proposed that the Board of Regents award to Eloise Spaeth the Henry Medal. The Henry Medal, awarded 20 times since its creation in 1879 in honor of the Smithsonian's first Secretary, is reserved for presentation to individuals in recognition of their distinguished service, achievements, or contributions to the prestige and growth of the Smithsonian Institution. 

Accordingly, the following motion is suggested:

VOTED that the Board of Regents awards the Henry Medal to Eloise Spaeth in grateful recognition of her lifetime of interest in American art as a collector and, especially, with regard to her 30 years of devoted service to and support of the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art and National Museum of American Art.

[[underlined]] EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: A SEMI-ANNUAL VIEW [[/underlined]]

Introducing the following report, the Secretary noted that the Institution will continue to operate under a hiring freeze which will mean that progress in affirmative action will be slow, but he expressed confidence
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