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[[underlined]] LITIGATION REPORT SUMMARY [[/underlined]]

During the period ending December 1990 there were pending fourteen cases to which the Smithsonian Institution was a party, including six new cases (*) and two cases that were resolved (+):


* [[underlined]] Farah v. Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (voidance of donation of WW II vintage aircraft to the National Air and Space Museum).


[[underlined]] Dickson v. Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (discrimination on the basis of race (white)).

[[underlined]] Janczewski v. Secretary, Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of sex).

[[underlined]] Staton v. Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (back pay claim for alleged overtime worked by a former Smithsonian guard).

* [[underlined]] Staton v. Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (job-related personal injury claim by a former Smithsonian guard).


[[underlined]] Beatty v. Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (Indian relics).

+ [[underlined]] In re Estate of William H. Burnette [[/underlined]] (art work/WW I memorabilia): settled amicably

Real Estate: 

[[underlined]] Maryland Historical Trust v. North Point Properties, Inc. and Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (violation of covenants by purchaser of lot sold at SERC).

Tort actions:

+ [[underlined]] Kaufman v. Payton [[/underlined]] (claim for injuries allegedly sustained in a February 1988 accident involving a Smithsonian employee): settled for $37,500.

[[underlined]] Mac'Avoy v. The Smithsonian Institution [[/underlined]] (claim contesting the National Museum of American Art's ownership of certain paintings and drawings by Romaine Brooks that were donated to the Museum between 1966 and 1970).

* [[underlined]] State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company v. United States [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Debra Walters v. United States [[/underlined]] (claim for vehicular damages arising out of an April 1988 three-car collision involving a Smithsonian vehicle).

* [[underlined]] Thompson v. Smithsonian Institute [[/underlined]] [sic] (claim for injuries allegedly sustained from a fall in the National Museum of Natural History in October 1987).
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