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^[[+ [ ]] [[underline]]MONTPELIER[[/underline]], Laurel, Maryland ^[[ ] ]]
[[red dot]] [[underline]]37[[/underline]].*  On a hilltop, close to the Annapolis Washington Road, stands Montpelier, which has survived the ravages of time, fire, war, and family reverses.
[[par. indent]]^[[(]]The house is of the familiar Georgian type, built between 1750 and 1760 of brick given character with white woodwork. 
[[bracketed]] [[par. indent]] The garden, immediately in front of the house, was laid out in the early 19th century; [[/bracketed]] the plan follows the form of a cross with circular beds on the arms. The trunk of the cross is the walk leading to the main entrance. Box borders the garden throughout.
^[[+]] [[red dot]] [[underline]]39[[/underline]]. ^[[(]] [[bracketed]] A very remarkable avenue of old dwarf box bordered a path of the original garden, [[/bracketed]] ^[[)]] and as it has been given the most intelligent care lately, it is superb in form and condition, A walk beneath the interlocking branches shows the trunks, or main stems of these old bushes to be supremely beautiful in their outlines.
^[[+]] [[red dot]] [[underline]]40[[/underline]]. [[bracketed]] At the end of the path and flanked by single specmens of box, stands the Garden House, in form Georgian, [[/bracketed]] after a fashion often followed.
[[par. indent]] Montpelier is owned by the Honorable and Mrs. Breckinridge Long to whose care its present beauty is due.
*Follow by[[underline]]39[[/underline]].