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[[margin]] ^[[+]] [[/margin]] [[bracketed]] [[underlined]] GARDEN SEAT[[/underlined]], Buckwood, Princess Anne County, Maryland [[/bracketed]]

[[margin]] [[red dot]] [[/margin]] [[underlined]] 41 [[/underlined]]. ^[[SKIP.]] This garden seat of ample proportions and good design, was discovered some years since where it had been put away for a long time. It is made of walnut and was, without doubt, made in this country. Practical and well-designed, it may well be a model for use in gardens of today.

[[margin]] ^[[+ [ ]] [[/margin]] [[underlined]] PERGOLA AT PERRY HALL [[/underlined]] near Easton, Maryland ^[[ ] ]]

[[margin]] [[red dot]] [[/margin]] [[underlined]] 42 [[/underlined]]. ^[[SKIP]] When the garden at Perry Hall was in its prime, about 1820, a painting was made of it which shows the garden to have been laid out with a very wide main path which was the main axis from the house. On each side, exactly balancing, the garden was divided into a series of squares bordered with box; two of the squares nearest the house were treated as more elaborate parterres.

[[bracketed]] At the foot of the main path an enchanting two-storied pergola was so placed that from the upper level a complete view of the surrounding country could be enjoyed, and when on gala occasions musicians used this platform, one may imagine what a setting it made. [[/bracketed]] It would be of the greatest interest to know who designed this unique feature, but of that we have no record.

[[margin]] ^[[+ [ ]] [[/margin]] [[underlined]] TULIP HILL [[/underlined]] ^[[ ] SKIP]]

[[margin]] [[red dot]] [[/margin]] [[underlined]] 43 [[/underlined]]. According to present tradition Tulip Hill was so named for the "Tulip" doorway, supposed to be in the tulip design. It