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[[margin]] ^[[+ ✔]] [[red dot]] [[/margin]] [[underlined]] 55 [[/underlined]]. ^[[(]][[bracketed]] [[underlined]] Now [[/underlined]] the glory of the planting is the camellias and Azaleas, which have over a century of growth. The wealth of bloom and gorgeousness of color is almost unbelievable. [[/bracketed]] ^[[)]]

In December and January bloom the ^[[(]]camellias, the first planting credited to Andre Michaux in 1785.^[[)]]  Their great rose-like blossoms,set stiffly among their glossy leaves, have hardly gone when the azaleas sweep an amazing tide of color over the estate.  They tower eighteen feet over one's head and glow in shades of rose and scarlet as well as pure white.

[[margin]] ✔ [[slash along paragraph]] [[underlined]] [[circled]] [[red dot]] [[/margin]] 56 [[/underlined]]. [[/circled]] It is an unforgettable experience to walk along the ^[[+]]sandy paths arched by these century-old bushes and see at one's feet the flickering shadows of innumerable blossoms, or to come unexpectedly upon their reflected glory in the sill reaches of the lagoon. ^[[Look at slide?]]

^[[56 has been removed & inserted in History.]]

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