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{SPEAKER name="Martha Deane"}
It's 10:15 in New York and this is Martha Deane and good morning everybody, and I hope that each and every one of you has a nice holiday today with all the family plans coming off perfectly, according to plan.
Before I tell you about our guest on the Martha Deane program this morning, I'd like to remind you to always to turns to the front page of The New York Times. This is a very good way to, uh, start the day I think. And when you read The Times every day you do know what's going on. You get all the news and you get interesting feature material too.
Uh, you, if you've been reading The Times regularly you'll know, of course, where the charred-hulk of a motor-yacht recently yielded $15,000 in precious gems, and you know what famous biologist warned his fellow scientist to beware discoveries that could alter human life, and you know what kind of seasonings to put in Chinese pork and beans.
You know all that. You know a lot more too if you've been reading the New York Times every morning. It, uh, you keep up with what is going on. This is a news paper that circles the globe to bring you on the spot coverage of all the news. But in addition, the New York times brings you something for fun and something for just light dinner table conversation and a lot of odds and ends of information that sort of adds to the spice, of well, your head. So there!
Read the New York Times every morning I think you will enjoy it and it costs very little extra to have it delivered to your house or apartment. If you call them up, they will arrange for home delivery quickly and efficiently at very little extra cost to you.
Then, I wanted to tell you again about Niagara Cyclo-massage. What these people have done is combine two age old tension relievers, heat and massage, in one relaxing soft comfortable pad, Niagara Cyclo-massage pad. And those who often feel tension caused by over work or poor posture in the back of the neck and the shoulders and the back, will be interested in this new drugless method for helping to relieve nervous tension and minor aches and pains.
If you've done too much ironing or leaned over a desk for too long Niagara Cyclo-masage will take care of the aches and pains in the back of the neck and through the shoulders. And if you have trouble going to sleep at night, try Niagara Cylco-massage for 15 or 20 minutes and without pills and without drugs you will probably drop off into a deep relaxing natural sleep.
An excellent product that has a Good Housekeeping Seal. But a good many of us at WOR have tried it now over a period of many many weeks and we like it and think you will too. The thing to do is to ask me for the literature and I'll have sent to you the catalog and the literature and you can then decide what you want to do. Send a postcard to me, Martha Deane, at WOR New York and just write on it Niagara and I will have the Niagara Cyclo-massage catalogue and literature sent to you right away.
And now here are Jeanne Porterfield and Lisa Chickering and I am delighted that you're both here. And I am glad that you came back to this country long enough at least to appear on the Martha Deane program before you take off somewhere else. Are you about to do that?
{SPEAKER name="Jeanne Porterfield "}
Well, no it is sort of good just to be back in the United States for a change.
{SPEAKER name="Martha Deane"}
Because you were gone 3 years.
{SPEAKER name="Jeanne Porterfield "}
Yes, we were and it is very good to be back after 3 years.
{SPEAKER name="Martha Deane"}
And you just got back.
{SPEAKER name="Jeanne Porterfield "}
Yes, just in July, we arrived on the west coast.
{SPEAKER name="Martha Deane"}
But tell our listeners, Lisa Chickering,

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