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And then, all through Greece, that is. All through, from one end to the other there were no cars on the road, and suddenly you get to Athens and it's filled with beautiful American-- In fact it was the first time we had seen the new cars out, with the two-toned colors.

Very different kind of fleet owners in Athens.

Yes. [[laughter]]

Well, now let me interrupt you for a second or two, or a minute or two with a shopping list that I brought along. And then we leave Greece and go, well, wherever you want.

And this is a suggestion for, well, winter coat shopping. Right now over at the Flemington Fur Company, in Flemington, New Jersey, their 37th Annual Sale is going on.

And again, they offer especially low prices on fine furs and cloth coats. And later in the selling season, November and December especially, fur prices will be much higher and fine choice merchandise will not be in great supply.

By buying now you will save as much as a third over the late fall prices. The important furs for this season are mink, and Alaska seal, and natural-sheared beaver, natural-sheared raccoon, Persian lamb, and uh, Let Out muskrat, natural river otter, Siberian squirrel, mutton lamb for school girls.

They have everything, a complete selection over there. Beautifully styled to the finest quality in fur and at their famous low prices.

The cloth coat selection is the largest they've ever had and the new fabrics and colors are beautiful and it ah, this year they have wonderful imported materials in cashmere, and tweed - Scotland, France, Italy, and England are big sources for the finest fabrics and they've trimmed many of these imports with their own fine furs to add still further beauty and versatility.

You save a lot of money on a winter coat, cloth, or a fur-trimmed cloth, or fur, when you shop at the Flemington Fur Company in Flemington, New Jersey.

They are open Monday through Friday to nine o'clock, Saturday and Sunday to six o'clock and it's a good idea to go early in the week to avoid large weekend crowds.

The Flemington Fur Company at Flemington, New Jersey. 1000% reliable fur people, and they don't know anything about high pressure methods. You shop over there and you'll enjoy it.

Then I have a letter from Betty Dixon who lives on 63rd Street in Brooklyn, and she says "Speaking of art, as a housewife, I can do wonderful things with Westchester Chicken and arrange a platter that would delight a gourmet."

There, that's the kind of girl I like. She likes to cook and she knows she does it well and she's just out with it.

Our Westchester boned chicken is a useful product and you can do marvelous things with it. It's the perfect answer for many occasions when you want to prepare an interesting meal with very little effort.

Perfect for luncheon sandwiches, of course. Excellent for picnics. And fine for salads as well as for various hot dishes, buffet dinners and you can whip up a chicken casserole in just minutes if you have Westchester boned chicken on hand.

It's made by the makers of the famous Herbock's boullion cubes. And it's carefully prepared under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Look for that name Westchester, in a complete line of delicious chicken products at your favorite grocery store. But do try the Westchester boned chicken - this is a superior product and I think you're in for quite a surprise.

You'll be surprised at how delicious it is. Westchester boned chicken.

And now we get back to Jeanne Porterfield and Lisa Chickering.

Chickering. We better stay with that name for a minute, hadn't we? Because it was your Grandfather who was the Boston Chickering, the Piano Chickering.

That's right, yes.

You told me that he invented the iron sounding board in the piano.

Yes, he did.

hmm, hmm.

I found that out from an Encyclopedia. No one had passed that knowledge down through the family, which is a terrible thing. [[laughter]]

Did you know him, that Grandfather?

No, no, I didn't, no. He was actually my Great Grandfather, Jonas Chickering.

So, I didn't know him. He was the one that started the piano in Boston. And then they moved to Chicago. The sons - and that's where I came from, Chicago.

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