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Additional Plans for Aerial Ship

Iron bridges with circular arc should have a rise of 1/10 the chord line, and a width of pier 1/10 of span
Haswell p 474  

Fig 1
[[image - drawing of bridge with circular arc]]
[[solid line = 1 inch steel pipe
[[dotted line]] = steel bracing wires

Scale about 3/4 inch to 10 feet
Base 70 ft, hight 12 ft, arch 74.24 ft long.

Fig, 2
[[image - drawing of Floor, Same scale.]]

[[image - drawing of Roof, Scale same.]]

Fig 1 is a side elevation of the frame for the cabin. It is simply a very light bridge of 1 inch steel pipe, braced with 1/4 inch.
 ^[[Berlin June 5, 1883]]