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steel wire.  It is 70 ft long & 12 ft high.  The frame is made square to give attachment for the balloon ropes.  Fig 2, is the floor, Fig 3 the top or roof.
[[2 column table]]
4 side pipes 70 ft @ 1.67 lbs per foot = | 280 ft
2 arches " [[ditto for pipes] 74.24 ft | 148.48 " [[ditto for ft]]
18 upright pipes 12 ft | 216. ft
9 floor pipes (cross) 10 ft | 90
7 roof pipes (") [[dittos for cross]] 10 ft | 70
[[sum line for 2nd column]]
 | 804.48
[[/2 column table]]
at 1.67 per foot (Haswell 119) 1342.68 lbs.
Allow [[underlined]] 2000 [[/underlined]] lbs [[underlined]] for frame ready [[/underlined]] for engines & furnishing.
See p3.  There are 3968 sq yds of light canvass, estimated (by me) to weigh .5 lbs per sq yd.
Weight of envelope 1984 lbs, allow [[underlined]] 2000 lbs
Netting; Envelope to be surrounded, except at ends by a netting with meshes 1 foot square using 57600 ft of 1/4 inch (diameter) rope of 4 strands (Haswell p 143) at .02 lbs per foot = 1152 lbs. Allow [[underlined]] 2000. [[/underlined]]
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