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The V-2 rocket was one of the most fearsome weapons of WWII. Successor to the V-1 "Buzz Bomb" the V-2 inflicted death, destruction and psychological fear on the citizens of Great Britain.

Just recently the Air Force Museum has obtained a WWII V-2 rocket complete its original mobile launcher. It is uncertain at this early date when and where the rocket will be displayed. It will require a fair amount of restoration work first. But, this historic rocket will be a major addition to the Museum's rocket history collection. The Museum currently has a V-2 rocket engine on display in the Air Power Gallery. Readers are urged to read the related article on the V-2 rocket by Arnie Crouch on page 29 of this magazine.


A very large mural depicting the famous photo of the Wright brothers' first flight has been installed in Kettering Hall here at the Museum. The mural is constructed of over 163,000 ceramic one-inch tiles. Each tile contains an illustration related to the Wright Brothers. There are twenty different illustrations of varying lightness and darkness. When placed is a specific ordered arrangement these tiles form a reproduction of the famous photo mentioned above. The mural has to be seen to be appreciated.

[[image - photograph of V-2 rocket arriving at Air Force Museum]]

Newly arrived V-2 rocket. (Photo: AFMF)

Cover Photo: SAM 26000, the "Air Force One" of President John F. Kennedy is greeted by local dignitaries upon its arrival at Wright-Patterson AFB last May. Photo by Philip Handleman.

Morphis Has Arrived at the Air Force Museum

What is Morphis?

Morphis is a MovieRide Theater similar to a flight simulator. It consists of a large futuristic capsule approximately 22 feet in length. The capsule is capable of accommodating up to 14 passengers in contoured seats.

A passenger enters Morphis from a ramp and through its open gull wing doors. Once passengers are inside, the doors close leaving the outside world behind. The capsule is essentially a small theater. Inside passengers are first advised of safety precautions and features. Then the film begins.

Films are approximately four minutes long. Currently four films are being shown at the Museum they are: "Harrier Jet," "Snowbirds" (aerial demonstration team), "Alpha Jet," and Gorges (helicopter ride). As these action films are shown the entire Morphis Capsule rotates and gyrates on hydraulic lifts giving passengers the sensation of actually flying along with the show.

If you haven't tried it—do so! If you have tried it, we bet you're ready to go again!

[[image - drawing of Morphis Capsule MovieRide Theater exterior]]

...Also don't forget to attend our annual IMAX Holiday Film Festival. See many of your all-time IMAX film favorites. We bring back the oldies but goodies. Tentatively the festival is scheduled for mid-December through New Year's weekend. Call (937) 253-IMAX for more details or

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SAM 26000: The Kennedy Plane...p. 2
History of the A. F. Museum - Part II [Dr Dean Kallander]...p. 5
The "Smilin' Sandy" Sanchez Story [C. V. Glines]...p. 14
A Berlin Airlift Pilot's Experience with the Link Trainer [Gail S. Halvorsen]...p. 16
Hiroshima & Nagasaki: A-Bomb Destruction Viewed from Above [Sgt William E. Jones]...p. 22
Life of a Bomber Crew in England [Roy Hoelke]...p.26
Spoils of War: The V-2 Rocket [Arnold L. Crouch]...p.29
Purportedly, the Longest Fighter Escort Mission of the Air War in Europe [J. Fred Baumann]...p.33
JOE-1: The Soviet Union's First Atomic Detonation [George A. Larson]...p. 38
Spitfires and Stukas in North Africa [Tom Thacker]...p. 45
The Berlin Airlift: Reflections on an Exhibit [Terry Aitken]...p. 47
Singing Our Way Through Europe [Nolen B. Golden]...p. 49


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