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20  AERONAUTICAL INDUSTRY   April 15, 1931


WARNER, C. P., Consolidated Aircraft Corp....Detroit-Leland 2039
WARNER, Edward P., Aviation ..... Book-Cadillac
WARNER, W. O., Warner Aircraft Corp.....
WARRENDER, L. D., Curtiss-Wright Flying Service.... Fort Shelby 1884
WATTS, H. W., Steward Hartshorn Co.....Statler
WEISS, Leon M., Aviation Engineering.... Fort Shelby 1470
WELCH, W. H., Motor-Meter Gauge & Equip. Corp....Book-Cadillac
WELCOMB, C. D., Air Reduction Sales Co...
WELLINGTON, F. E., Wyman-Gordon Co... Book-Cadillac
WELLS, T. A., Curtiss-Wright Airplane Co....Fort Shelby 1969
WHEAT, George S., United Aircraft & Transport.... Book-Cadillac 1210
WHITAKER, Jack, Nicholas Beazley Airplane Co...Fort Shelby 1881
WHITE, Bert, Switlik Parachute & Equipment Co....Tuller
WHITMAN, R. P., Consolidated Aircraft Corp... Detroit-Leland
WHITEMAN, Z. H., Jr., Lycoming Mfg. Co... Detroit-Leland
WHYTE, Jessel S., Macwhyte Co....Fort Shelby
WICKFORD, Ralph, Shell Eastern Pet. Prod., Inc....Fort Shelby
WIGMORE, W. D., The Waco Aircraft Co....Statler
WILCOX, Paul, Continental Aircraft Engine...Statler
WILD, J. E., United American Bosch Corp....Book-Cadillac
WILLETT, E. F., Automotive Fan & Bearing Co.... Book-Cadillac
WILLETTS, H. N., Western Electric Co....Book-Cadillac
WILLGOOS, A. V. D., United Aircraft & Trans...Book-Cadillac
WILLIAMSON, J. D., S. K. F. Industries, Inc.....Book-Cadillac
WILSON, E. E., Sikorsky Aviation Corp....Book-Cadillac
WILSON, O. P., Norma-Hoffman Bearings Corp...Det. Athletic Club
WILSON, R. M., Packard Motor Co.......
WILTSE, Sumner.......
WINFIELD, F. S., Timpken Roller Bearing Co....Book-Cadillac 1320
WINSTON, Arthur, The Dow Chemical Co.....Fort Shelby
WINTHIESU, Art, American Eagle Aircraft Corp... Fort Shelby 1868
WOLCOTT, N. A., The Packard Electric Co....Detroit-Leland
WORK, Bertram, Amphibians, Inc....Book-Cadilllac
WRIGHT, Bailey A....... Tuller 485
WRIGHT, P. A., Thompson Aero. Corp.....Book-Cadillac
WYATT, Dr. Benjamin F., Ford Motor Co....Book-Cadillac

YOUNG, Colston, The Glenn L. Martin Motors Co....Fort Shelby
YOUNG, Clarence M., Col., Aeronautics Branch.....Book-Cadillac 1420
YOUNG, R. E., The Waco Aircraft Co....Statler
YOUNG, H. E., Western Electric Co......Book-Cadillac
YOUNG, Howard P.

ZEIGLER, Lloyd, Summerill Tubing Co... Barlum
ZIMMERLEY, Barney, Nicholas Beazley Airplane Co....Fort Shelby 1881
ZISETTE, R. R., S. K. F. Industries, Inc....Book-Cadillac
ZUBER, L. B., Walter Kidde & Co., Inc...Statler 945
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Name | Booth Tel. No.
Aeronautical Industry | WHittier 4590
Aircraft Products Corp. of America | WHittier 1342
American Aeronautical Corporation | WHittier 8514
Amphibians, Inc. | WHittier 6235
Automotive Fan & Bearing Co. | WHittier 6704
Aviation Corporation | WHittier 4741
B. G. Corporation | WHittier 7114
Bellanca Aircraft Corp. | WHittier 5702-5801
Bendix Aviation Corp. | WHittier 7189
Berry Brothers, Inc. | WHittier 6219
Bird Aircraft Corp. | WHittier 3642
Buhl Aircraft Co. | WHittier 6458
Consolidated Aircraft Corporation | WHittier 7255
Continental Aircraft Engine Co. | WHittier 7559
Curtiss Wright Airplane Co. | WHittier 1639
Detroit Aircraft Corp. | WHittier 7551
Fokker Aircraft Corp. of America | LIncoln 1-0284
Ford Motor Company | WHittier 3256
Goodyear  Zeppelin Corp. | WHittier 3632
Great Lakes Aircraft Corporation | WHittier 6741
Hurley-Townsend Corp. | WHittier 8015
Kinner Airplane & Motor Co. | WHittier 3239
Lycoming Mfg. Co. | WHittier 4763
Michigan Bell Telephone Co. | WHittier 1340
Moto Meter Gauge & Equipment Corp. | WHittier 3824
National Power Glider & Airplane News | WHittier 5852
Packard Motor Car Co. | WHittier 6383
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Co. | WHittier 1698
Sky Specialties Corp. | WHittier 8166
Stanavo Specification Board, Inc. | WHittier 7109
Stinson Aircraft Corp. | WHittier 3026
Szekely Aircraft & Engine Co. | WHittier 7083
United Aircraft & Transport Co. | WHittier 3274
United American Bosch Corp. | WHittier 9629
Variety Mfg. Co. | WHittier 8122
Wyman-Gordon Co. | WHittier 6257
Verville Aircraft Corp. | WHittier 3875
Waco Aircraft Corp. | WHittier 6522
Warner Aircraft Corp. | WHittier 8536
Wright Aeronautical Corp. | WHittier 3202
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Barlum Hotel, Cadillac Sq. and Bates ST., Randolph 5900
Book-Cadillac Hotel, Washington Blvd. and Michigan Ave., CAdillac 8000.
Briggs Hotel, Park and Adams Aves., CHerry 6800.
Detroit Athletic Club, 241 Madison Ave., CLifford 9100.
Detroit-Leland Hotel, Cass and Bagley Aves., RAndolph 2300.
Fort Shelby Hotel, Lafayette Blvd. and First St., CHerry 7100.
Fort Wayne Hotel, Cass and Temple Aves., GLendale 4300.
Madison & Lenox Hotels, Madison and John R. Sts., CHerry 3900.
Statler Hotel, Washington Blvd. and Park Ave., CHerry 4960.
Tuller Hotel, Park and Adams Aves., CLifford 5200.
Detroit City Airport (home of the show), Gratiot and Connors Aves.; Office, Main Hangar; Service, Main Hangar; WHittier 5875.
Detroit-Wayne Industrial Airport, 25 E. Michigan, Wayne, Mich., Phone Wayne 777.
Ford Airport, Oakwood Blvd. and Airport Drive, Dearborn, Mich., DEarborn 1600.
Gratiot Airport (formerly Packard Field), Gratiot Ave.
Grosse Ile Airport, Grosse Ile, TRenton 430.
Pontiac Municipal Airport, Pontiac, Mich., White Lake Rd., Tel. 781-F3.
Selfridge Field, Mt. Clemens, Mich., Phone 891.
Wayne County Airport, Middlebelt Rd., CHerry 2380.
Detroit Daily Mirror (tabloid), 1749 W. Lafayette Blvd., CHerry 3650.
Detroit Free Press, 321 W. Lafayette Blvd., RAndolph 8900.
Detroit News, Lafayette Blvd. and Second St., RAndolph 2000.
Detroit Times, Times Sq. and Cass Ave., CHerry 8800.
Fort Street Union Station, Fort and Third Sts., RAndolph 8500 (Pennsylvania, Pere Marquette and Wabash),
Grand Trunk Station, Brush St., RAndolph 2260 (Grand Trunk Western Railway).
Michigan Central Station, Fifteenth St. and W. Vernor Hwy., RAndolph 6700 (Michigan Central R. R. and New York Central).
Colonial Bus Agency, 235 Bagley Ave., CAdillac 2200.
Greyhound Lines, 235 Bagley Ave., CAdillac 2200.
Detroit Board of Commerce, Commerce Bldg., W. Lafayette Blvd., CHerry 3700.
Masonic Temple, Temple Ave. and Second Blvd., GLendale 7600.
Consolidated Air Travel Ticket Office, (Downtown) 139 Bagley Ave., CHerry 2811.
Consolidated Ticket Office, City Airport, WHittier 7540.
Transamerican Airlines Corporation, City Airport Office, WHittier 8484; Detroit-Cleveland Amphibian Line, 7700 E. Jefferson Ave., FItzroy 3017; Air Express Service, WHittier 8484.
Century Airlines, Inc., City Airport, WHittier 2400.
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