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October, 1931
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Planes on the line at Aviation Country Club, Hicksville, L. I., N. Y., awaiting take-off of first annual handicap race under auspices of the Amateur Air Pilots Association for the Charles L. Lawrance trophy.
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15 Planes Entered for Contest to Cleveland.

Fifteen men and women sport flyers are scheduled to take off at 1:30 o'clock today from the Long Island Aviation Country Club at Hicksville for the National Air Races at Cleveland in the first amateur aviation contest held in America and the first competitive event staged by the recently organized United States Amateur Air Pilots Association.

Competing for the new Charles L. Lawrance trophy the pilots are  to match flying skill in a "cruising" contest to Akron, with stops at Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo, and from Akron are to race with wide-open engines to Cleveland tomorrow.  Between New York and Akron they will be honor bound to throttle their motors to within fifty revolutions a minute of cruising speeds used in trials previously flown over a measured mile to determine their handicaps.

Late announcement of the event was said to have prevented the participation of many sport flyers who wished to compete and many post entries are expected.  Those already entered are Miss Laura Morgan, Miss Jessamine Goddard, Miss Manila Davis, Mrs. B. Allison Gillies, Vernon Shaw Kennedy, Lawrence Turnure, Robert Buck, John S. Reaves, Granville B. Smith, John W. La Sell, James Eblen, Allen Eustis, John Herfurtner, A. W. Swett and W. E. D. Stokes, Jr.
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Four Women and Eight Men Head for Cleveland National Air Races.

Albany, N. Y., Sept. 4.–AP–Six planes of the long Island to Cleveland amateur air derby had landed at the Albany airport for servicing shortly after noon today.

The first ship in was flown by Lawrence Turnure, New York banker, who was the first man to take the air from the Long Island Aviation Country club at Hicksville.

Turnure was followed by John W. La Sell.  The third flyer in was Robert Buck, holder of the junior transcontinental record.  Mrs. Albion Gilles, James Eblen, and Ellen Eustis were close behind.

The rest of the 12 contestants set their ships down to perfect landings within half an hour of the arrival of the first group.  They lunched while mechanics gassed and checked the planes.

Hicksville, L. I., Sept. 4.–AP–Four women and eight men began hopping off from the Long Island Aviation Country club for Cleveland at 9:30 a. m. (e. s. t.) today in the first annual American handicap derby for amateur fliers, Lawrence Turnure, New York banker, took off first.  They were all in the air by 9:45.

Pledged on their honor not to race their ships beyond cruising speed, the contestants will match their general flying skill in one of the most leisurely air derbies ever staged.

They will make stops enroute at Albany and Buffalo, where they may stay overnight, continuing tomorrow to the Cleveland municipal airport where the national air races are being held.  If weather is good, however, they will go straight through to Cleveland today.

Originally, it had been planned to permit the fliers to race their planes wide open from Akron, Ohio, on, but the rules were changed this morning to provide for a cruising contest all the way from the airport here to Cleveland.

The derby is being held under auspices of the recently organized United States Amateur Air Pilots' association.  The winner will be presented with a bronze trophy modeled after the winged victory statue donated by Charles L. Lawrance, president of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce of America.

Among the contestants are a number of socially prominent men and women, several business executives, and others who fly for sport.

Besides Tenure, first to hop off, those participating in the derby took off in the following order:

Granville B. Smith, A. W. Swett, Miss Jessamine Goddard, Miss Laura Morgan, James Eblen, Miss Manila Davis, Mrs. B. Allison Gillies, Vernon Shaw-Kennedy, John W. La Sell, Robert Buck and Allen Eustis.

Buck, an 18 year old Montclair, N. J., youth, is one of the youngest licensed pilots in the country.
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Amateur Derby Fliers at Buffalo.

BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. 4 (AP).– Four men and eight women–aristocrats of the air, who fly merely for fun–arrived here today from Syracuse, completing the third leg of the first annual American handicap derby for amateur fliers, from Hicksville, L. I., to Cleveland.  The contestants include John S. Reeves, Lawrence Turnure, Miss Jessamine Goddard, Granville B. Smith, Laura Morgan, D. Vernon Shaw Kennedy, Miss Manila David, Mrs. B. Allison Gillies, John W. Lawell, James Eblen, Allen Eustes, A. W. Steet and Robert Buck.
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