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{SPEAKER name="Webster Counselor"}
Bless this celebration this early morning today. And make the im-powerful Heaven have blessings to all that are gathered here. That they all may be pleasing and upright in Thine sight.

That is towards this cause of our counsel and love of the counsel [[?]] deliver Thy cause and the Lord help Thy people.

Bless us this day and reward our leaders twofold. Enable us to prove Thy ultimate wisdom, that we are brothers and your strength that's with us each and friendship swells.

Inspire our counsel with wisdom that they may guide their respective tribes in the right paths.

That they go not astray and follow the paths of evil spirits. Oh, Thy Great Spirit, keep us from dangers, make us wise and virtuous, teach us the trails that we must follow, while we remain in the forest of life.

And when it is thy will that we shall cross to the river of death, take us up to Thyself, that Thy Council will live forever in grace.

Oh, Thy Great Spirit, hear us we pray.

[[speaker: different male voices]] Amen. Amen.
[[great sound of crowd cheering and making much noise]]

Thank you, Chief, for those great, inspirational words.
I'd like now, to formally welcome each of you to our Second Annual Native American Indian Celebration.
This year we are launching a whole week of activities to draw attention to--

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