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[[stamped]]JUN 2 1941[[/stamped]]

Name in full ^[[Thomas Dewitt Milling]]
Please spell out all names

Chief occupation ^[[Brigadier General, Umited States Army, Retired]]

Home address ^[[818 Pearl Street, Denver, Colorado.]]

Business address ^[[The University Club, Denver, Colorado.]]

Place of birth ^[[Winnfield, Louisiana.]]

Date of birth ^[[July 31, 1887.]]
Month, day and year

Father's name in full ^[[Robert Edward Milling]]
Please spell out all names

Mother's maiden name in full ^[[Ida Roberts]]
Please spell out all names

If foreign-born, when did you come to the United States? ^[[xxxxxx]]

If foreign-born, when did you become a citizen of this country? ^[[xxxxxx]]

Are you married? ^[[Yes]] If married, to whom and of what place? ^[[Margaret Gray, Denver, Colo.]]

Date of marriage ^[[Aug. 24, 1935. Former marriage, Gayly Wilkes(desceased), Nov. 23,1922.]]
Please give dates and names, if married more than once

If a pilot, number of logged hours ^[[Approx. 3000]] Certificate No. ^[[30]]

When and where did you learn to fly? ^[[May, 1911; The Wright Brothers, Dayton, Ohio.]]

Pilot ratings and classifications ^[[Pilot's Certificate No. 30, July 6, 1911; Expert Aviator's Certificate No. 3, Sept., 1911;fist Military Aviator, U.S.Army, July 5, 1912; Junior Military Aviator, July 22, 1914;Military Aviator, Aug. 8, 1917; Airpalne Pilot, Oct. 5, 1920.]]

[[strikethrough]] (Do you own a plane? [[/strikethrough]] ^[[Own a permit No) 

[[4 column table]]
Names and Locations of Schools; Military and Naval Academies (service record) | Attendance Record From (year) | Attendance Record To (year) | Degrees, if any

^[[U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y. | 1905 | 1909 | B. S.
Air Corps Tactical School, Langley Field, Va. | 1920 | 1921 |   
Air Corps Engineering School, Dayton, Ohio | 1925 | 1926 |   
Command & General Staff School Fort Leavenworth, Kansas | 1926 | 1927 | ]]
[[/four column table]]

Honorary degrees (with schools and dates) ^[[xxxxxx]]
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