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ing their war making power. The Japanese organized into one of the great world powers are demanding an equal voice, an equal position and an equal right to live and labor where they desire, beside and under the same conditions with the whites. They have stepped firmly on to the continent of Asia where their powers of organization may easily lead to a recreation of the greatest military machine the world ever saw, such as the armies of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane.

    So we are faced with a problem much greater than it appears on the surface; that of maintaining not only the political supremacy but also the very existence of the white race. Old Europe with its feuds, its wars, and even worse, its commercial piracy, is entirely unable and incapable of carrying on any great effort outside of its own boundaries, nor should it be called upon to do so. Did it not stop the Mongolian invasion at the walls of Vienna and then so populate its own valleys, steppes, and lands that it would scarcely pay for anyone else to intrude. Therefore, it is quite evident that the struggle must be taken up by the white inhabitants of the