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new world, and of this new world by the inhabitants of North America, primarily. The northern continent is gifted by nature to a greater extent than any other portion of the earth's surface. It is rich in coal and iron, while a very great percentage of its superficial area is potentially rich in agriculture, grazing lands and all necessary woods and metals. The southern continent not only is much smaller than its neighbor((neighbour)) to the north but is proportionately very poor in coal, iron, and agricultural spaces, while much is covered with mountains and vast wooded swamps. Today, the population of the whole of South America is barely one-half that of the United States alone. The North American continent can, without doubt, support no less than 800,000,000 people. 
       The rumblings of this coming strife have ceased to be inaudible whispers, but are the loud protests of the Japanese people, the vanguard of the Asiatic, over the exclusion laws, the land laws and their unequal treatment at the hands of our citisens ((citizens)). Sooner or later the diplomatic means of handling these questions will fail and a physical means of impressing our will on the hostile state will be the only recourse. In other words, war.