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air power controls all locomotion on the surface of the water not covered by the submarine boat and as the submarine is so slow of locomotion, and so blind as to view even while on top of the water, and so restricted in cruising radius it will soon pass into the category of an auxiliary of air power. Communication by commercial vessels on and across the seven seas no longer depends upon a powerful battleship fleet but upon the tiny airplane, so that the search over the surface of the earth on the part of the great nations at present is not for navel bases, it is for air bases. The development of air power has been, and is, so papid ((rapid)) that is has passed all other analogous developments, that is, the development of either land or sea power. The reason for this is that it utilizes an entirely new medium for locomotion, the air. It uses all the engines of destruction which have been developed for use on the ground and, in addition, it has a means of applying these agencies of destruction from the most advantageous position, a plane over and above its intended victim. Nothing can combat air power except other air power. Armies nor navies alone have any appreciable effect on it.

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