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miles. Any part of this base may be reached either on or over the land and all elements for the raising concentration and maintenance of military power is to be found within its borders. From a strategic  standpoint it is a homogeneous unit.
    The western side of this triangle is very different from the eastern. In the first place we find the coast line greatly indented so that a straight line drawn from any one place along its coast to another usually passes a considerable distance onward. In the second place we find a fringe of islands covering the coast of Asia all the way from the peninsula of Hamchatica ((Kamchatka)) to the Equator. Those vary in distance to the mainland from a very few miles, in the case of Sakhalin,100 in Japan to about 500 in the case of the Philippines and Borneo. These islands are fertile, capable of great development, and bear very much the same strategical relation to the continent of Asia that the British Isles do to the continent of Europe. In other words, if the islanders in times past have been able to dominate in sea power, they rendered them-