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Western Union Telegraph Company had actually surveyed a line from the United States to Europe by way of Bering Straits and had cut trails well up into the north country.  The successful operation of the cable stopped the work.) 

So, we find that beginning with a distance of over 11,000 miles between Panama and Asia we come to a gap of only fifty miles between the United States and Asia. In addition to this important military geographical fact, the position of the Aleutian Islands is very significant. These stretch westward from the continent until at Attu, after having covered three-fourths of the distance to Asia, we find United States soil only 600 miles away from Asia or about the same distance that Manila is from the continent. Attu is about equidistant from both Tokio [[Tokyo]] and Honolulu- some 3000 miles- and about 600 miles further to Puget Sound, while the northern part of the Island of Hondo [[Honshu]] on which Tokio [[Tokyo]] and Yokohama are situated is equidistant from both Manila or Attu. The Northern Kurile Island, a Japanese possession, lies about 1100 miles from Attu. This Island may be considered as the 

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Northern Marile Island