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islands of the Marshall group are encountered. These belong to Japan or at least Japan has the mandatory power over them. These are a little closer Honolulu than is Wake Island. From the Marshalls west for nearly 3000 miles stretches the Micronesian Archipelago, hundreds of little islands, all in the possession of Japan, except the Island of Guam. Roughly, Guam lies half way between Wake Island and Manila, the distance from it to both, being about 1600 miles. It is surrounded by the Japanese Islands of the Marianna group. Almost directly to the north of Guam and at a distance of about 1000 miles lie the Bonin Islands, connected to Guam by a string of islands whose greatest gap is 400 miles or four hours flight for the ordinary bombardment airplane. Outside of Japan itself, the Bonin Islands are Japan's strongest position for either offense of defense along the southern line, whether by air or by water. From it, on a radius of about 1500 miles, any force advancing west from the United States along the Honolulu-Manila line may be attacked in flank from Wake Island to the Philippines, a distance of over 3000 miles. In case of defeat the United States forces would have to fall back on their magazines of Manila