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Assembly and disassembly, French           342
Assembly, ease of, French                  336
  French                                   339
  Petre flex tubing, British               876
Attachment of prepellers, French           362
Attack airplanes, French                   400
                  Ground, Italian          525
Attack and bombardment airplanes,
          Biplace, French                  399 
          General requirements for         399
Austrian priconers in Italy, use of        583
Author's note on the Technical Report      896
Augogenous welding, Fokker, Dutch          689
Automatic cannon, Fiat, Italian            572
           French                          384 
    Control, target, airplane, Italian     586
    Glide, French                          333
    Stability, Farman "Goliath", French    471 
    Starters, French                   408-407
Auxiliary controls, bombing, French        378
    Gasoline pump, British                 609 
Available motors for aircraft, French      490 
Aviatik airplanes, Italian                 507
Aviophone, French                      319-369
Aviation, Commercial, British              882
Avro training airplanes, British           722
Axis of fixation, machine gun, French      363
Axles, French                              338
Baggage compartment, commercial 
airplanes, Spad, French                    428
Bags, sand, for deck landings, French      320
Balance, aerodynamic, French               418
Balanced control surfaces, French          326
Balance, Isay des Moulineux wind tunnel,
French                                     417
          Prepellers, French               361
          Tourelle, French                 366
Balilla airplanes, Italian                 507 
Ballonets for the L-72,French              500
Balloons, meteorological, pilot, French    501
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