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Conclusions of the Technical Report 896
Concrete hangars 492-493
Wind tunnel, French 414 
Condition imposed, first, French 379 
"Condor" engine, Rolls-Royce, British 749
Recommended purchased 910
See full description under "Engine, Condor" 753
Connecting rods, "Condor" engines, British 849 
"Jaguar" engines, British 849
"Lynx" engines, British 841
Connections, flexible, French 355
Hose, French 342
Petro flex, British 731
Oil, French 348
Construction, dirigibles, change in, Italian 517
Hangar, French 492
Metal, Breguet, French 447
British 711
French 315
Momocoque, French 321-322
Spad, advantages of, French 426
Number of dirigibles, German 594-598
Wings, Fokker airplanes, Dutch 691
Contact breakers, French 343
Contractor's tests, torpedo airplanes, British 747
Contract performance, ambulance airplane, British 811
Controllability, British 706
Fokker airplanes, Dutch 682
French 315
German 590
Siddeley "Siskin", British 834-868
Torpedo airplanes, British 739
Control, automatic, target airplane, Italian 596
Cables, armored ships, French 394
Commercial aviation, British 882
Dual, French 335
Gun, British 733
Indicator, Reid, British 879
Mechanical, French 315
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