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Transcription: [00:44:31]
{SPEAKER name="Barbara Kannapell/John Ennis (interpreter)"}
And I thought that he was teasing me. And I laughed. I thought that's kinda funny. 'No, I don't read braille!' And he was very serious, he had a very serious face.
And I thought, well, maybe he's confused between blindness and deafness. I said, 'Blind people do read braille but deafness, deaf people don't. So that was one of the questions.'
{SPEAKER name="Jo Radner"}
Don, you have a favorite story about that, don't you?
{SPEAKER name="Don Pettingill/John Ennis (interpreter)"}
Which one, the driving? I can't tell them that one!

{SPEAKER name="Jo Radner"}
Okay, tell the driving one.[[laughs]]
{SPEAKER name="Don Pettingill "}
One thing that never fails to amaze me [[sneezes]]
when I will drive up to a place and get out of my car and go in to a place, an appointment and so forth, and somebody will always ask me, 'Can you drive?' [[laughter]]
'Yeah, how do you think I got here?' [[laughter]]
And I try to explain, 'Well, you see it doesn't require ears to drive.
In fact, when you're driving down the highway in a storm, a rainstorm, with the kids in the back seat fighting, the radio on. How much do you depend on your ears?'
I thought that was very clever, until one guy asked me once, 'Yeah but it doesn't rain twenty-four hours a day!' [[laughs]]

{SPEAKER name="Jo Radner"}
[[laughs]] That's nice. I'd like to stop at this point and ask if anyone in our audience would like either to ask a question or to share an experience?

Transcription Notes:
Jan DeLap is the moderator. A male interpreter is speaking for Barbara at the beginning. She was mentioned on the previous page.

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