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[[image - color illustration of Cutty Sark ship]]
[[caption]]Illustrations and text from "The Log of the Cutty Sark" reprinted with permission of Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., Publishers.[[/caption]]

"Cutty Sark first...the rest nowhere"

1876. The annual wool race is over...and a reporter describes the finish.
Once again CUTTY SARK had outrun the clipper fleet. Once again, CUTTY was the one to beat. As always, she was Number One.

The golden era of the clipper spanned only the last twenty-five years of the 19th century. And in that time, all England watched the clipper races from China and Australia with more than sporting interest.

The clippers brought new tea for the table and wool for England's bourgeoning industries. And the ship that captured the whole nation's imagination was the CUTTY SARK.

[[image - monotone photograph of Captain Moodie]]
[[caption]]Capt. Moodie commanded the CUTTY in her most famous race.[[/caption]]

From the CUTTY SARK'S Log...

[[image - illustration, see caption below]]
[[caption]]CUTTY's jury rudder.[[/caption]]

With every cargo, CUTTY made remarkable voyages. Even Plimsoll Line-deep with tons of teach, wool—or scrap iron, coal and palm sap syrup, she challenged the cream of the clipper fleet...and won. Among her feats:

1871. CUTTY leaves for the China tea ports two weeks after the speedy TITANIA and nearly a month after the even faster TAEPING...yet she beats both handily.

1872. CUTTY VS. THERMOPYLAE in the most famous tea race of all time. CUTTY, leading by 400 miles, loses her rudder in a gale. Her crew cannibalized her spare spars and ironwork, and through 6 days of gale, makes and fits a jury rudder. The jury rudder snaps, so a second rig is fitted—this one in only 24 hours. THERMOPYLAE docks first, but a special maritime commission declares CUTTY the winner, based on actual time under sail.

1889. Enroute to Sydney, CUTTY passes the new P.&O. steamer BRITANNIA. At the time, BRITANNIA(called "cock of the walk of the Pacific") was making 16 knots.

CUTTY's log records dismastings, groundings, collisions—but above all, victories. Time and time again, it was "CUTTY SARK first...the rest, nowhere."

The legacy of the CUTTY SARK

Today, the legacy of the CUTTY SARK is held by the Scotch that took her name.
CUTTY SARK is America's bestselling Scotch. CUTTY is Number One.

And the reason is Cutty's consistenly distinguished taste.

Generation after generation, Cutty has blended only the finest of Scotland's best whiskies to create the uniquely rewarding Cutty taste: the taste to be savored; the taste of exceptional Scotch.

Sooner or later, most people arrive at Cutty. So come to Cutty tonight. You'll be in the best of company.

[[image - color photograph of a glass of Cutty whiskey on ice next to green bottle of CUTTY SARK Blended Scots Whisky with handheld telescope laying across front]]
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