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The Black Convention held in Gary, Indiana, March 1972, and the organization of the Black Assembly has shown the world that Blacks of all shades are going to the "Think Tanks." It is without a doubt that Black America now knows that politics is a business and that Black America must not be found guilty of bad bookkeeping - poorly packaged merchandise - empty shelfs - poor customer relationships - and not staying abreast of the changing market. These indulgences spell mis-management - thus, Political Bankruptcy.

The realization by Blacks that politics is a 365 day job has been a long time coming and there is a long way to go. The Goal is only in view, the journey has not yet been made.

Blacks have finally realized that an election of a Black in a "spot" is not political success for a people.

Nevertheless, the structuring of a business to oversee the development of territories, the retaining and maintaining of districts - so that reapportionment be a device used to increase Black representation, not to decrease it.

Blacks must structure in such a manner that the election of a Black to a legislative position is only the punctuation mark placed at the finish of a well rounded sentence.

Blacks must structure in such a manner that a Black does not go to represent but is sent to represent with portfolio.

Such a structure must be run with the skill and the firmness of a Master Craftsman.

Blacks are ready.

The White mist has been wiped away in spots.

Blacks have agreed to the life saving amputations;

Blacks have burned down the separating walls.

Blacks must pluck out the eye that offends.

Blacks must not be beaten over the head with their own hammer.

The clouds have parted and we can now see the "top of the Mountain."

The Journey must now begin.

How do we ascend?

Do we walk side by side 50 million strong?

Or do we fall into line one behind the other creating a line of human strength from the beginning to the end - from the depth of the valley to the top of the mountain - creating an escalator upon which our couriers and our implementors of the Black Political Thrust may travel?

"To succeed, a caucus must have leadership that is not wedded to the traditional political parties, or the leadership must be a personality new to politics. A successful caucus means hard work, the dirty grubby work that Blacks have not yet understood has to be done," a Black accredited leader has said.

The Convention signaled the end of hip pocket politics, and the awakening of a "Black Political Giant." 

The question is - will this Black Political Giant 
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The Anthology and Voice of the Black Convention Delegate

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3 Table of Contents
6-8 Pan Hellenic Council, National and New York
13-15 Supreme Council of Prince Hall Masons, Northern District Convention - N.Y.
17-19 National Association Market Developers - Expo 71
20-21 You Can't Beat City Hall - Story
24-25 Ralph Bunche - Eulogy
26 Welcome to Miami
27-31 National Newspaper Publisher
32-33 Mid Winter Meetings of National Newspaper Publishers
35 Adam Powell Memorial Pictures
36-41 National Black Political Convention
46-47 Meet Logan Westbrook
50 Welcome to Detroit
51-58 N.A.A.C.P. Convention
59 Wright and Williams - Stories
60-63 Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority Convention
64 Five - A Seagram Story
74-75 An Ashe Happening
76-77 Travel Executive Seminar
78 Tufts (Dr. Robert Albert of Tufts) - Story
80-81 Doll League Flight to Nowhere - Story
83 Humphrey - Democratic Party Convention
86-87 Welcome to California - California Politicians
88-89 National Insurance Convention
91-95 National Urban League Convention
100 National Council of Black Women
101 National Republican Convention
102-103 American Bridge Association Convention
105-107 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Convention
109-113 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Convention
115-117 National Drifters Convention
118-125 National Association of Business and Professional Negro Womens' Clubs
127-130 Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
136-139 National Funeral Directors
141-146 Womens' Auxiliary to National Dental Association
148-149 Pan African Games
150 Welcome to Colorado - Representative Brown
151-154 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Convention
155-158 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Convention
160 Welcome to Connecticut
161 Circlettes
164-165 Shriners Convention
166-167 Daughters of Isis
171-176 National Medical Association Convention
178-181 Womens' Auxiliary to National Medical Association
182-183 National Distillers
186-191 National Church Ushers' Convention
193 Welcome to Atlanta
194-196 Media Womens' Convention
197-200 Black Caucus
201-204 National Postal Alliance
205-208 369th Vets Association
210-212 Adam Powell Memorial Part 2
215-220 Oak Bluff, Mass. - Story
221-222 Supreme Council of Prince Hall Masons, Southern Jurisdiction
224 They Also Meet in 1972

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