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Essence...the magazine my man discovered for me.

He bought my first copy...and I've been a subscriber ever since. Why? Because it helps me—and it can help you—be more in all the ways men love. 

The way you look, the way you feel, the way you cook, shop and decorate the house...for him, for you, for your family...the things you start thinking about, for the first time maybe, and want to share with him.
Every month, when you get your copy of ESSENCE, you'll find new and exciting suggestions on how to be more wonderfully, more beautifully you...your clothes, your hair, your shows you: This is how to take your natural self and rejoice in it!

And when it comes to your mind, your heart, your soul—what the magazine calls your "essence," you'll know that here are writers who are talking to you honestly about the here-and-now things that concern you. These are just a few articles recently in Essence:

• What do Black Men Want From Black Women
• Dictionary of Afro-American Slang
• Cookin' For a Special Man
• A Dozen Do's for a Happy Marriage 
• Mother Mahalia
• Birth Control and the Black Woman
• Beauty Wonders: A Soul Soak...Dynamite Naturals...If You Dig It, Wig It
• The Miles Davis Boutique
• How to Tell Your Child About Race
• Do Black Women Need Women's Lib?
• Conversations with Shirley Graham Dubois, Leroi Jones, Shirley Chisholm, Diana Sands, Eleanor Holmes Norton...and more, much more...

Articles by people who know you...and your essence.

With the coupon, you can receive your own ESSENCE every month at the special Charter rate of One year for only $5.00. Send it today and get the new quality magazine just for you. Isn't it about time?

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