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Delegate, 1973
The Anthology and Voice of the Black Convention Delegate

222 Fifth Avenue

MEL PATRICK, President and Publisher

Exec. Vice President
(212) FO 8-55559

Secretary and Treasurer

Page No. 
4-5 Presenting the 1973 Edition of the New York Football Giants 
6-8 National Pan Hellenic Met in Charlotte
9-17 IN MEMORIUM: Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Jackie Robinson, Harry Truman
20-21 National Association of Black Social Workers Met in the Hilton Hotel, New York
23-25 Edges (These are Young Blacks On the Go)
26 Dr. Robert Albert (Now Ex-Director of Affirmative Action Council for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
27-29 The Student National Medical Association
30-31 Willa Hardgrow Mental Health Clinic present artist Josephene Edmund and Sypio in show
33-35 Steve Lockett, First Black American named to Knights of Malta
38-39 Howard University Medical Alumni
40-41 Army ROTC Boost Black Enrollment 
43-44 Northern Jurisdiction Prince Hall Mason's Meets in Hartford Conn., Welcome to New York Grand Master Vincent Best
46-47 Eastern Airline Story
48-53 the Girl Friends Meet at Waldorf Astoria in New York
55-59 National Newspaper Publishers are in Houston
62-63 the 60th National Convention of Chi Delta Mu Meets in Washington, D.C.
66-67 Chi Delta Mu Wives Also Meet in D.C.
69-71 National Urban League is Recruiting More Minorities for Employment in Law Enforcement
72-73 Simeon Golar Feted with Testimonial Dinner
75-79 1973 Convention of NAACP Meets in Minneapolis 
81-83 American Airline Story
84 Happening
85-87 Lamda Kappa Mu is in Flint, Michigan
90-91 ford to Redevelop Downtown Detroit
92 Happening
93-97 National Church Ushers Association 
99-103 National Urban League 
104-105 Here Are Some American Business Executives You Should Know
107-112 American Business Supports the NUL
113-114 National Barristers Wives
115-118 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is in New Orleans
120-121 Black Academy of Arts and Letters
122 National Council of Negro Women
123 100 Black Men Honor Dr. Kenneth Clark
124-127 Ambassador Jerome Holland, first Whitney M.Young Jr. Memorial Lecturer at Wayne State University
129-137 National Dental Association Meets in Detroit
129-137 Ladies Auxiliary to the National Dental Association
129-137 Dental Hygienist 
129-137 National Dental Assistant 
139-144 national Negro Association of Business Profession Women Meets in Buffalo
146-147 National Real Estate
149-151 NATRA
153-155 Kappa Alpha Psi
157-162 Omega Psi Phi is at the Chase Park Plaza
164-165 Black Arts Academy
167-169 Barbados - You Are Always Welcomed in Barbados 
171-173 Jamaica - Come to Beautiful Jamaica
175-181 Africa - National Association of Black  Travel Agents Met in Dakar and Ivory Coast
182-183 Martin Luther King Jr. 
184-185 Spelman College
186-187 Morehouse Citations 
188-191 Delta Sigma Theta Meets in the Regency Hyatt House in Atlanta 
192 Morehouse College
194-197 National Funeral Director
199-201 Shriners
202-203 Daughter of Isis
204-205 Elks Meet in New Orleans 
206-207 Tom Shropshire Elected Vice President and Member of the board 
209-211 Phi Delta Kappa
212-213 Association for the Study of Negro Life and History 
214-221 national Medical Association Meets at Americana 
223-225 Ladies Auxiliary to the National Medical Association
226-229 National Business League
230 Happening 
231-235 369th Veteran's Association
236 Happening
237-239 United Mortgage Bankers
240-243 Oak Bluffs Tennis 
244-245 National insurance Meets in Atlanta 
246-252 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Meets in Houston
253-256 Hale House

It Was a Frustrating Year...

Since we last met, it was a most frustrating year. So many of our real friends passed on to their just desserts; a national political debacle made it possible for the reelection of a President of the United States, who immediately embarked on a program of dismantling every opportunity the previous democratic administration had tried to provide for minorities; then there was Watergate; and here in New York, a little closer to home, we found out that some of our better citizens had feet of clay. 

The year was overcoming because Jack Roosevelt Robinson, the first of his race to make it possible for us to enter into Baseball, the American Pastime, went on to running the bases on newer pastures in the sky. Lyndon Baines Johnson, the former President of the United States, who put all the great Society programs of Kennedy's into action, which made it possible for so many of our minority citizens to realize their dreams, passed away. Harry Truman, another great American President, under whose administration the famed Supreme Court decision in 1954 was handed down, which said that the Blacks were Equals of any other citizen in the country in the field of Education, passed away. Mr. Truman was also noted for helping to form the country of Israel and for dropping the Atom Bomb which ended World War II.

President Truman was a great friend of former Borough President Hulan E. Jack, the First Black Borough President of Manhattan and was one whale of a clubhouse politician.

The year marked a year of mourning for the late Adam Clayton Powell. And as we went to press, we were shocked by the passing of Attorney Franklin Reeves, the first Black assistant to a President in the White House, a noted Militant, a friend of Jack Kennedy and a provocative teacher of the Law.

The year was real frustrating because each day we read in our newspapers about our elected and appointed officials who had feet of clay and were being exposed by reforming and crusading prosecutors all over the land. Seems like an epidemic broke out which brought Senators, Judges, prominent doctors, lawyers and Model cities official and even district attorneys before the bars of justice charged with myriad indiscretions like bribe taking, income tax evasions, dope peddling, influence peddling and stealing. 

But the year also had some rewards; the year highlighted recognition of deeds well done by uncovering the work of Clara and Loraine Hale and the formation of the Hale House, a repository for children of addicted mothers, by our good friend, Mrs. Hilda E. Stokely. 

Then things turned bad again when local black politicians impervious to change continued their thing, like trying to eliminate all the Black female leaders in New York. 

the period also spawned the fulfillment of a dream of Kornagy of the Detroit Branch of the Urban Legend, who staged the first of the Whitney M. Young, Jr. memorial lectures at Wayne State University. He presented as his first lecturer, former Ambassador Jerome Brud Holland. 

Then there were testimonial dinners given by Simeon Golar, the chairman of the Housing Authority of New York City by his friends; a happening by the 100 Black Men of New York in honor of Doctor Kenneth Clark, the noted psychologist; and Tom Shropshire was brought back from Nigeria and given two new assignments by his company The first being made a real Vice President and the second member of the Board of the Miller Brewing Company. 

In a cultural vein, two Black ladies of the theatre were honored for their performances in motion pictures; Diana Ross for her portrayal of "Billy Holiday", and Cicily Tyson for her role in "Sounder."
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