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PERCY C. IFILL, Architect of

PERCY C. IFILL, who mercifully was relieved of his physical suffering on Friday last, was in terms of years 59 years old.

He was cofounder of the architectural and designing firm which bore his name and that of Conrad Johnson and George Hanchard.  By their combined efforts and work, this firm became America's largest Black organization of its kind and is credited with designing numerous government and state buildings, housing complexes, parks, churches, commercial bank buildings, and community settlement houses and schools.

Because of his illness, he had resigned from the firm of Ifill, Johnson and Hanchard in 1972, and at the time of his passing was serving as a consultant to the successor firm of Johnson and Hanchard.

A sensitive and courageous individual, Mr. Ifill will not only be remembered for his architectural proclivities but also for his love of the theater, the fine arts, and sports.

Down through the years many a budding star in the the theater and the world of music was given encouragement and impetus to continue in their field by his contributions which he gave freely, encouraging them to continue in their art.

A native New Yorker, Mr. Ifill was born on June 16, 

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