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[[images - seven black & white photographs from the funeral of Arthur Courtney Logan; one image spans two pages]]

Arthur Courtney Logan

Arthur C. Logan was one of those successful professional men who did not forget to aid his less-fortunate fellow citizens. This kind of person is not as rare as it has been made to seem through the pervasive intraracial propaganda of the past twenty years. The history of black people in America abounds with men and women who won a place for themselves and then did not forget the welfare of others. It is fashionable, but not always accurate, to cite where one happens to live, or the company one keeps, or the economic level on which he lives as a legitimate measure of his interest in the social problems around us.

This is not unfailingly the case and Dr. Logan was an example of those who did care. He was concerned and active in the broad movement to get for his people all the civil rights to which they were freely entitled but denied through trickery or personal feelings or bureaucracy or evil intent. He worked faithfully with Dr. Martin Luther King. This brought him into contact with the spectrum of all the deprivations and needs of people, for King was in the forefront of perception and was a master of mobilizing the followers to exert pressure toward