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[[images - seven black & white photographs from the funeral of Arthur Courtney Logan; one image spans two pages]]

September 5, 1909—November 25, 1973

the human goals of human beings everywhere.

Dr. Logan's special field was health and he brought to it the sharp skills that the classroom, the laboratory and his own wide experience had fashioned.

Arthur Logan recognized that people need the air of freedom to breathe and live. They need jobs and schooling and training and shelter. They need access to a psychological atmosphere in which they would be free, as individuals, to make their way and the way of their families, unhampered by the petty exercises of skin-color prejudices. He was cheered in his last hours that the obstacle to the expansion of his hospital had been removed. the work of health for the people would go forward.

Arthur Logan knew the book of civil rights, but he knew, also, that one must have health if one would help in smashing senseless prejudice, the meanest of barriers. He devoted his life to a brilliant assault on these twin evils of mankind.

—Roy Wilkins

Tribute delivered at Dr. Logan's funeral, the Riverside Church, New York City, November 29, 1973