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Girl Friends - May 25, 1974

[[image - black and white photograph of a large group of people in formal dress. Annotation on photo: 
The New York Girl Friends
Birthday Ball
The Waldorf Astoria, New York City
May 26, 1973]]


It was a humble beginning, but the Rock of Gibraltar could not have had a more firm foundation than that of "Girl Friends."

In the summer of 1927, four girls desiring to resume friendships, interrupted by school, decided to form a club. In September, these four, Lillie Mae Reddick, Elnorist Young, and Eunice Shreeves, met at the home of the latter to map plans for their project. Thelma Whittaker was present for a short while.  The name GIRL FRIENDS was chosen by Lillie Mae after a popular tune of the day. The Marshal Neil Rose, was selected as the Club Flower and the colors apple and emerald green were decided upon. The following New Yorkers were then invited to the first formal meeting. Dottie Spraggins Roeke, Helen Branchcombe Hayes, Connye Evans Cotterrell, Rae Olley Dudley, Anna Small Murphy, and Ruth Hodges Byrd. It was here that Eunice's stew and Henri's biscuits were served.

The group met twice a month with its sponsor, Mrs. Bessye J. Bearden attending. They engaged in social activities and were frequently called on by civic and charitable groups to contribute time and money.

In 1928, Dorothy Tabourne Townes, asked if some friends in Philadelphia could call their club "Girl Friends"? They were friends from Penn Relays, Philly visits and meetings at the Atlantic City seashore.

In 1929, representatives of Philadelphia and New York met in New York to discuss the request of friends in Baltimore,

[[image - black and white photograph of a woman and man in party dress]]