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[[image - black and white photograph of a woman standing with a stack of cartons of Kool cigarettes]]

[[caption]] Managers of drugstores, supermarkets, discount houses, and other retail outlets in the Indianapolis, Ind., area are getting a pleasant surprise these days in the form of BETTY STRAYHORN, a striking ex-model who is now a saleswoman for one of the nation's largest cigarette manufacturers.

As a representative for Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., the third largest in the U.S. industry, Mrs. Strayhorn makes frequent calls on these merchants to market Kool, Viceroy, Raleigh, and Belair cigarettes, and other B&W tobacco products. 

Replenishing stocks is one of the many jobs handled by Sales Representative Betty G. Strayhorn, who operates out of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.'s Indianapolis office. [[/caption]]

[[image - black and white photograph of Viceroy racing car]]

[[caption]] career in 1951, joined the Sports Car Club of America in 1955, and has campaigned racing programs since.
RON STEWART, apprentice mechanis, was introduced to auto racing by his friend, Randy Bethea. In 1970, with Randy driving a 1964 Falcon, and Ron handling most of the mechanic's chores, they won the Tennessee State and Smokey Mountain Raceway Hobby Division Championships.
RON HINES, race mechanic, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in automotive engineering and is currently an engineer for General Motors. On race days he brings his highly technical background into the pit to work alongside Ray Heppenstall and Ron Stewart when the Viceroy Special races.
MALCOLM MILLER, whose brother Len Miller heads Black American Racers Inc., is service manager at Sears 69th Street Auto Center in Philadelphia. He and KENNETH WRIGHT, who is a teacher of automotive body work and painting in the Philadelphia school system, help out in the pit on race days. [[/caption]]

[[image - black and white photograph of Randy Bethea with eight other people]]

[[image - black and white photograph of Randy Bethea in racing uniform, holding his Viceroy helmet, standing with three other men]]