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■ The Community Study of Hazardous Substances created an awareness of dangerous substances found in the home, and by home visits and local school connections taught poison-prevention to ghetto families.


■ The On-The-Job Training Program has made it possible for well over 103,000 people to find good jobs since the inception of the program almost ten years ago; pumping more than $1.9 billion back into black communities around the country. Every dollar spent on OJT programs yields society upwards of $14 in taxes from workers' salaries.

■ The Labor Education Advancement Program (LEAP), which assists minority construction workers in preparing for apprenticeship exams, has placed over 6,000 apprentices in the building trades, an industry which has historically relegated minority workers to menial jobs, or excluded them all together.

■The School to Industry Program aims at encouraging young people to stay in school by getting commitments from local industry to hire and train inner-city youth.

There are many other Urban League programs currently underway, designed to increase meaningful employment among the urban minorities. For example:

■ training correction officers in New York.

■ working to increase black ownership and control of broadcast media and Cable TV.

■ increasing minority recruitment for law enforcement agencies in Cleveland, Newark and Dallas.

NOW IS THE TIME when the black community needs to promote its cuase with commitment, courage, and sophisticated technical expertise.

NOW IS THE TIME when the National urban League must be most effective.

NOW IS THE TIME when your support is truly needed to achieve equal opportunity for all Americans.

[[image - logo of National Urban League]] NATIONAL URBAN LEAGUE OFFICERS:

James A. Linen

Senior Vice-President
Wendell G. Freeland

James R. Kennedy
Donald H. McGannon
Ersa H. Poston

Helen Mervis

Assistant Secretary 
Chester Burger

William J. Trent, jr.

Executive Director
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.

55 East 52nd Street
New York, New York 10022
PLaza 1-0300


Eastern Regional Office
477 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10022

Mideastern Regional Office. 
One Cascade Plaza, Suite 1308
Akron, Ohio 44308

Midwestern Regional Office
721 Olive Street,
St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Southern Regional Office
136 Marietta Street,
N.W., Suite 242
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Western Regional Office
4055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 526
Los Angeles, California 90010

[[images - five black & white photographs of the National Urban League conference; one photograph spans two pages]]

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