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Florence Woolford talks about 
opportunity at McGraw-Hill.

The best way to tell you about opportunities at McGraw-Hill is to tell you the reasons I joined the firm and why I'm so happy to be here.

First of all, I knew that they had a long-standing affirmative action program. McGraw-Hill was an original signer of the President's voluntary "Plans for Progress" program in 1964. They were also one of the first corporations to develop an affirmative action plan in accordance with the executive order issued in 1969. In fact, the McGraw-Hill plan is being used as a model for many industries.

When I looked at the goals they had set from the beginning of their equal opportunity program, at all levels, I could see that they were pretty ambitious. And when I looked at the facts and figures, I found they had successfully exceeded those goals. With that kind of commitment to work with, I felt I had a real role here, with a real chance for accomplishment.

I'm also finding a lot of stimulating things in the business they're in - the business of communication. I always felt that it was a very vital as well as a very interesting field. And I knew that McGraw-Hill was a world leader. But I still wasn't prepared for the diversity of the business today. It involves gathering and organizing information about thousands of things from around the world, and then communicating it to people who need it for thousands of different reasons. It's a big job, and to do it McGraw-Hill uses a very wide variety of books, magazines, films, records, tapes, information services and other techniques now being developed.

The variety of people is just as wide - technical writers, editors, salespeople, graphic artists, financial specialists, engineers, marketing specialists and others. To many of them, being in communication was an entirely new idea at one time. What they all have in common is a lot of ability, a natural tendency to get personally involved and interested in whatever they're doing, and a lot of ambition to keep getting better. I'm looking forward to helping make their opportunities even better at McGraw-Hill.

As McGraw-Hill continues to grow, openings are often created for the varied people mentioned by Mrs. Woolford. If you have a few years experience in one of these areas, and believe you would find our environment stimulating, let us hear from you. Write Peter G. Newsham

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