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Roosevelt Era

[[image - black and white photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt]] 
[[caption]] FDR, in traditional campaign hat, Philadelphia Navy Yard, October 27, 1944[[/caption]]


Seventy-third Congress, 1933-34
Emergency Bank Acts ■ Agricultural Adjustment Act ■ Unemployment Relief Act ■ Tennessee Valley Authority ■ Gold Repeal Joint Resolution ■ Employment Service Act ■ Home Owners Loan Act ■ Farm Credit Act ■ Glass-Steagall Act, creating Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ■ National Industrial Recovery Act ■ Truth in Securities Act ■ Twenty-first Amendment, repealing prohibition ■ Philippine Independence Act ■ Securities and Exchange Act ■ Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act ■ National Housing Act ■ Federal Farm Mortgage Act ■ Frazier-Lemke Farm Bankruptcy Act ■ Crime Control Acts ■ Federal Communications Act ■

Seventy-fourth Congress, 1935-36
National Labor Relations Act ■ Social Security Act ■ Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act ■ Rural Electrification Act ■ Revenue Acts, reforming corporate income tax ■ Walsh-Healy Act, requiring government contractors to pay prevailing wages ■

Seventy-fifth Congress, 1937-38
Establishment of Maritime Commission ■ United States Housing Authority Act ■ "Pump Priming" Act ■ Fair Labor Standards Act, setting minimum wages and maximum hours ■ Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act ■ Civil Aeronautics Act ■

Seventy-seventh Congress, 1941-42
Lend Lease Act ■ Emergency Price Control Act ■ Second War Powers Act ■

Seventy-eighth Congress, 1943-44
GI Bill of Rights ■ War Mobilization and Reconversion Act ■

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