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[[/caption]] Mrs. Thelma T. Daley [[/caption]]

[[caption] Evelyn Hood [[/caption]]

[[caption] Dr. Deborah P. Wolfe [[/caption] 

[[caption] Dr. Edward Braynon [[/caption]]

[[caption] Ms. Robin B. Owens [[/caption]]

[[caption] James R. Williams [[/caption]]

[[caption] Mrs. Anita G. Adams [[/caption]]

[[caption] Hobson R. Reynolds [[/caption]]

[[caption] Mrs. Sara W. Dickerson [[/caption]]

[[caption] Mrs. Bernice I. Sumlin [[/caption]]

[[caption] Mrs. Arthur Mae Norris [[/caption]]

[[caption] Mrs. Verdelle B. Bellamy [[/caption]]

[[caption] Mrs. Mabs Kemp [[/caption]]

[[caption] Rev. Jesse Jackson [[/caption]]

[[caption] Dr. Harvey Webb Jr. [[/caption]]

[[caption] Vernon E. Jordan [[/caption]]

[[caption] Dr. J.H. Jackson [[/caption]]

[[caption] Charles B. Wright [[/caption]]

[[caption] Arthur H. Coleman, MD [[/caption]]

[[caption] Malcolm L. Corrin [[/caption]]

Where they met in the second [[cutoff]]

Organizations | Where They Met | Time | National Head
|The Student National Medical Assn.| |Nashville, Tenn.| |March 22-27|
Interracial Council for Business Opportunity (ICBO)-New York Hilton - April 19
Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. - Boston, Mass. - April 23-27 - Ben Sullivan
Nat. Assn. for Black Social Worners - San Francisco, Calif. - May 3-5 - Jay Chunn
Nat. Assn. of Market Developers, Inc. - Detroit, Mich. - May 16-19 
Nat. Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - Portland, Ore. - July 3-7 - Benjamin Hooks
Nat. Housewive's League of America, Inc. - Dallas, Texas - July 10-12 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. - Houston, Texas - July 16-21 - Bernice Sumlin
National Insurance Association - Las Vegas, Nevada - July 16-20 
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. - Houston, Texas - July 23-29 - Janice Kissner
Nat. Beauty Culturist's League, Inc. - Houston, Texas - July 26-Aug. 6
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. - New Orleans, La. - July 29-30 - Evelyn Hood
National Bar Association - Miami, Fla. - July 30-Aug. 5
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. - Minneapolis, Minn. - August 4-9
National Urban League, Inc. - Los Angeles, Calif. - August 6-9 - Vernon Jordan
Progressive Nat. Baptist Convention, Inc. - Phoeniz, Ariz. - August 7-13
Federation of Eastern Stars - Phoenix, Ariz. - August 9-12
Federation of Masons of the World - Austin, Texas - August 9-12
Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks of the World - Atlanta, Ga. - August 12-18
Ancient Egyptian Order of the Mystic Shrine, Inc. - Kansas City, Mo. - August 13-18
Nat. Assn. of Health Services Execs. - Los Angeles, Calif. - August 28-31
The Assn. of Afro-American Life & History, Inc. - Los Angeles, Calif. - October 12-15
National Banker's Assn. - Los Angeles, Calif. - October 18-21
Black Child Development Institute, Inc. - Miami, Fla. - October 25-28
Nat. Alliance of Black School Educators - Norfolk, Va. - November 16-19
National Negro Publishers - Cleveland, Ohio - June - Carlton Goodlett
New York State Masons - New York - June 8-10 - Bill Richardson
National Urban Affairs Council - Dallas, Texas - May 11-13 - Melvin C. Hopson
Northern Jurisdiction - Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite Masons - Chicago, Ill. - May 14-13 - Russell Gideon
Ladies of Distinction - Los Angeles, Calif., June 15-18 - Lady Billie Oliver
Empire State Medical - (blank) - June
Chi Delta Mu-Chi Delta Mu Wives, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc. - Washington, D.C. - July 5-9 - Elinor Williams
National Church Ushers - Denver, Colorado - July 24-Aug.

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