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The World Institute of Black Communications is a non-profit corporation designed to "increase awareness of the ever expanding value of the Black consumer market in the total economy." The Institute has plans that include researching this market, compiling data on the consumption trends of Black Americans nationwide, and working with corporations and advertising agencies to increase awareness of the profit potential found in Black communities throughout the country. 

One of the greatest strengths of America, and there are many, is the competitive instinct best exemplified by our free enterprise system. It was out of an awareness of the positive value of America's desire to achieve and excell, that the CEBA Awards were established.

CEBA, an acronym for Communications Excellence to Black Awareness, is designed to award those corporations and advertising agencies that have had the wisdom, insight, and yes, the intestinal fortitude to pursue and persevere in an increasingly profitable and exciting market... the Black consumer market. 

Many of industry's leaders agree that this new award represents something meaningful. A broad spectrum of people were asked to participate, and participate they did. Chosen from the corporate, advertising and communications committees, the CEBA Awards judges toiled long and hard in an effort to pick the best entries in six communications vehicles; print, radio, television, sales promotion and merchandising, and outdoor and transit. 

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The CEBA Award was made possible by the involvement of agencies, advertisers, production houses, retailers, and individuals who had the courage to participate by submitting entries and supporting the recognition of the segmented approach to the Black consumer market.

CEBA will take its place alongside the other coveted awards in the industry which highlight superior achievement in communication.

To everyone who tried, who dared, we at the World Institute of Black Communications say THANK YOU! 

1978 CEBA
Awards Winners

Category 1: 
Newspaper/black and white/color...
Advertiser: International Telephone & Telegraph Corporation.
Agency: Needham, Harper & Steers, inc. 
Copy: Charles Dyner
Art Director: Joel Weissman
Photographer: Tony Petrucelli

Category 2:
Advertiser: WABC-TV
Agency: H.E. Mahoney and Associates, Inc. 
Copy: Helene Mahoney
Graphics: Darla Marosevich

Category 3:
Consumer magazine/black and white...
Advertiser: Gulf Oil Corporation
Agency: UniWorld Group, Inc. 
Artist: Ken Brown

Category 4:
Consumer magazine/color
Advertiser: Revlon, Inc.
Agency: Grey Advertising, Inc. 
Copy: David Leddick
Graphics: Bruce Bloch
Photographer: Bob Stone
Artist: Renee Chan
Production Manager: Mel Lewis
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