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In his first 2 1/2 years in office President Carter has compiled an outstanding record. Highlights of his record include:
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PUTTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK | President Carter's economic stimulus program has put America back to work. More than eight million new jobs have been created. The unemployment rate has dropped from 7.8% to 5.6%. For fiscal 1980 the President has proposed 11 billion dollars in federal funding for job training programs, up from 3.8 billion dollars when he took office.

PUTTING THE GOVERNMENT BACK TO WORK | President Carter's Civil Service reforms allow government managers to reward accomplishment and punish incompetence. The President's efforts will make government more efficient. He has achieved the first comprehensive reform of the system in nearly 100 years.

CUTTING GOVERNMENT RED TAPE AND REGULATION | President Carter has reduced government paperwork by 15%. His deregulation of the airline industry has saved passengers 2.5 billion dollars a year. He established a Regulatory Council to review all new Federal regulations and by Executive Order required all agencies to write regulations in plain English.

SLASHING THE DEFICIT | President Carter has reduced the Federal Budget deficit by more than 50%. At the same time he has substantially increased aid to the elderly, minorities, poor, young, and sick.

HELPING THE ELDERLY | President Carter saved the Social Security system from bankruptcy by legislation which will keep the system healthy through the end of this century. Through his efforts the allowable mandatory retirement age was raised from 65 to 70.

HELPING THE UNDERPRIVILEGED | President Carter worked hard to achieve the first increase in the minimum wage in four years. He extended Food Stamp eligibility to an additional two million Americans. And he has increased federal spending for youth employment by four billion dollars.

INCREASING AID TO EDUCATION | President Carter has increased federal spending on education by 60%. He has revamped the Student Loan program and instituted major increases in Head Start and aid to the handicapped. The President's education record is the best in history.

AIDING THE CITIES | President Carter proposed the nation's first comprehensive urban policy. He has established a national consumer cooperative bank, a 400 million dollar Urban Development Action Grant program to revitalize our urban centers, and a five-year 725 million dollar urban parks and recreation program.

SAVING OUR ENVIRONMENT | President Carter gave federal protection to more land than any other President when he issued an Executive Order protecting 56 million acres of Alaska lands. He secured passage of the nation's first national strip-mining control bill.

STRENGTHENING AMERICAN AGRICULTURE | President Carter's agriculture program contributed to the 29% increase in real farm income, to record agricultural export levels, and to increased agricultural stability.

STRENGTHENING OUR INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC POSITION | President Carter's dollar recovery program restored the dollar's strength in international money markets.

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