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[[image -  African-American family - woman, man and infant]]

Think of us as a lifetime friend of the family.

A friendship with JOHNSON'S baby products begins when you're an infant and grows with time. All those good, comfortable feelings you felt when you were young stay with you as an adult.

Every member of the family enjoys sharing the clean, fresh feelings of pure, silky JOHNSON'S Baby Powder.

Thick, rich JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion helps keep everyone's skin soft and smooth.

[[image - 4 Johnson & Johnson baby products]]

JOHNSON's Baby Shampoo, with its "No More Tears" formula, is a friend to baby's eyes and cleans everyone's hair gently, leaving it with a healthy, natural sheen.

And JOHNSON'S Baby Oil not only helps take care of your baby in lots of ways, it also works as a versatile beauty oil for you.

JOHNSON'S baby products. When you make us a friend, it's for life.

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