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Discover new styling freedom with the first
hair relaxer good enough to be called Revlon.
Wear your hair the way you really want to!

[[image - photo of woman]]

Revlon makes it possible to relax hair that is excessively curly, wavy, or kinky. So even on humid days your hair will stay smooth and manageable.
Revlon-Realistic Permanent Creme Relaxer leaves hair obedient and lustrous...great to touch and great to behold. Also try Revlon Hairdress with Balsam for hair so luxurious, so lustrous you want to touch it.

It's freedom to choose...change...a great inspiration from Revlon.

WARNING: Follow directions carefully to avoid skin and scalp irritation, hair breakage and eye injury. 

© 1981 Revlon-Realistic Prof. Prod. Inc. 

Make-up by Polished Ambers/Dress by Bill Blass/Jewelry by Bulgari. Hair conditioned with Revlon Liquid Tex Texturizing No-Rinse Conditioner and Detangler. 

[[image - Revlon Realistic Permanent Creme Relaxer product]]

Permanent Creme Relaxer
Available in Canada under the brand name Realistic.