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[[9 images - scenes from the Luncheon]]]]

Lolita Lowe, W. Isaacs, Debbie Isaacs, John Isaacs, Gail Badger, Edward Younger, Joseph Maynard, Eugene Hunter, David Walker, Benjamin Garrett, Lorraine E. Younger, Vernon V. Scott, Mrs. Robert Douglas, Ralph Cooper, Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, George Gregory, Larry Bleach, Leon McKenzie, James Usry, Robert McCullough, Sr., Mel Patrick, Eulice Peacock, John Woodruff, Betty Belasco, Clarence "Sonny" Younger, Joe Yancy, Dr. Sammy Brisbane, Apple Bollard, John Strachan, Charles Isles, Chicken Day, Maxwell Granville, Basil Paterson, Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Alexander, Sal Hall, the Phillips Brothers and Lovey Canagata,