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grew through the ceiling Thank God for Haryou . . . Haryou-Act.

Of course, Mr. Calloway was also saying "Thank God for Vicky Gholson." And this summer her old school, P.S. 136, showed it was equally proud of Vicky by inviting her as its graduation speaker.

She was a perfect choice. In fact, during these cap and gown days, Harlem or Bedford-Stuyvesant could use dozens of Vicky Gholsons to inspire their young graduates. Vicky was one of the first inner-city youngsters to be involved in another educational experiment. Of course, today, all over the country various factions are still debating the busing issue. But then, Vicky and her classmates from JHS 136 were bused to Christopher Columbus high School - 'way up in the Bronx.

"We became commuters at 13 or 14 years old," Vicky remembered, "And on our first day, the white parents greeted us with 'We don't want no niggers.'"

Yet with such a rocky start, by her senior year Vicky had become the school's first Black president of the student government.

Constantly showing this leadership quality, our girl was chosen as a delegate by the National Council of Christians and Jews and Union Baptist Church to go to Europe and the Sonnenberg Conference in the Hartz Mountains.

"It was two days after the Russians had invaded Prague," Vicky said, "and youths were there from all over the world." Everything seemed to tie in - her Haryou-Act research on world events, this trip...

Returning to the States, she won a full scholarship to Pratt Institute.  When she began speaking up on campus and in student meetings, some of her friends warned her that she'd been labelled a "militant." The price she paid for her freedom of speech was that her develop my talents."

And like the Renaissance intellectuals who displayed an amazingly broad interest in many fields, Dr. Gholson, too, has acquired expertise in a wide range of subjects: She worked for "Soul," Channel 13's national TV showcase that was produced

scholarship was quickly taken away.

Her activism wasn't dampened and she was among those with Isaiah Robinson when he marched across Brooklyn Bridge for a sit-in at the Board of Education.

With her eyes on cable television, where she has performed as graphic artist, producer, director, scenic artist assistant; film, where besides "Clarence" she has worked on "The Wiz," Dr. Gholson echoed her teacher's comments: "You acquire knowledge and share it - at home, at Haryou, in Harlem and in the halls of higher education."

[[image - Lee A. Archer, Jr.]]

Responsible for all functions of the Equal Opportunity Affairs Department. Provides counseling and guidance to all levels of management on equal opportunity matters and problems; coordinates the corporation's urban affairs activities, including those of its subsidiaries, recommends corporate policy; serves as a clearing house and source of information on all facets of equal opportunity affairs, urban affairs and government compliance; acts as liason [[liaison]] and spokesman for the company with urban and social/civic related groups and government agencies.


Chief Executive Officer. Determines policy direction and risks the investment company will take on portfolio companies and loan amounts. Directs the efforts of the operating staff to accomplish the aims of the corporation, developing overall strategy and specific operating plans.  Maintains liason [[liaison]] with Westchester County and New York area banks and other sources of venture risk capital relative to minority/socially disadvantaged business development. Ensures the availability of business managemetn [[management]]/technical assistance to client portfolio. Sits as chairman of the Board of Directors and as sole representative of the parent corporation, General Foods.


Develops policy statements, Affirmative Action programs and internal and external communication techniques; identifies problems areas and assists line management in the solution of problems. Designs and implements auditing and reporting systems that will measure the effectiveness of corporate Affirmative Action programs. Serves as liason [[liaison]] between the corporation and external groups, keeps management informed of latest developments in the entire equal opportunity area.


Chief Operating Officer. Responsible for the management of a sound investment portfolio of economically or socially disadvantaged owned or controlled small businesses through the provision of in-depth management/technical consulting and financial assistance. Determines the general direction the corporation will take in areas of project selection, risk posture and liason [[liaison]] with governmental agencies. All operational authority with responsibility to the Board of Directors.


(Additional duties: Director of Training and Commandant of Cadets). Prepared instruction schedules, assigned instructors and evaluated instructors' and students' progress. Developed course syllabi and lesson plans. Instructed four full courses in Political Geography for Sophomore (2). My course outlines for instruction in Political Geography were adopted by the Government Department, New York University, for the teaching of the subject to non-ROTC students.

During this period, the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps at New York University grew to be the largest and most productive non-land grant unit in Northeast United States. Appointed Advisor to Foreign Students' Association per their request to University.

Regular Air Force Command Pilot with over 3,5000 flying hours in Jet and Conventional aircraft. In early career, I had miscellaneous assignments as: enlisted radio telegraphy instructor, Aviation Cadet, Combat fighter pilot, instrument instructor Pilot, and Weather Reconnaisance Pilot. Have had extensive experience in Public Speaking, writing and as a staff officer in operations and administration. Served as an Air Force Equal Opportunity Officer in Europe, United States and South and Central America.

New York University, New York, N.Y. Doctor of Philosophy in International Policies, June, 1957. Seventy-two doctoral credits. Master of Arts in International Affairs, June, 1954. Special study area The Middle East. Title of Master's Thesis "The Anglo-American-Soviet Occupation of Iran and its Political Effects."

University of California, Los Angeles, Calif. Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, September, 1949. Associate in Arts in Geography.

Florida State University, Canal Zone, Republic of Panama. Specialized courses in Latin-American history, political institutions and language. 1968-1969. Guest lecturer in International Politics, Military Power and Negro History.

Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary). King Memorial College, Columbia, S.C., 1976. AN/FSQ-7 Computer Command and Controls Course (Short) 1964. Air Command and Staff College, 1956-1957. ABC Weapons Course (Atomic, Biological, Chemical) 1956. United States Air Force Academic Instrument Instructors' Pilot's School, 1945. Single Engine Pilot Training School (Primary, Basic, Advanced), United States Army Air Force, 1943. Radio Communications and Telegraphers School, U.S.A. 1942.

Golf, Skiing, Travel. Particular interest in Team Athletics and track and field. Active in youth athletic programs.

Vice President, The EDGES Group; Member 100 Black Men; International Lions; Black Council on Africa; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Founding member, Negro Airmen's International; Tuskegee Airmen's Assn.; Member, Board of Directors, Inter-Future (Student Scholarship Fund); Westchester Urban Coalition; National Urban Coalition; National Technical Advisory Council (OIC/A); National Municipal League (Council); New York Metropolitan YMCA.

Born: New York City, N.Y.
Married: January, 1945: 4 children   

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