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the other hand too glaring a partiality for the freedmen here under present circumstances, on the part of those guarding their interests cannot but result disastrously to them.

Now there is a 1st Lieut. here as P. M. of Freedmen by the name of "Lucious Rew," who is surely about the worst man for the place that could be found. He is not intentionally a bad man, but he certainly has the lost tact, and the poorest executive talent of any man I ever saw officiating in any responsible position. I do not base my judgement upon hearsay, but upon facts within my own knowledge. As a sample for example, a miserable visious Negro was turned away from work, where I am boarding, and a mild faithful fellow

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employed in his stead, which engendered an enmity against the newcomer, which resulted in a most [[underlined]] brutal [[/underlined]] & cowardly assalt by the first with a big knife the assailed ran, and assailent ran after him and succeeded in inflicting (3) [[underlined]] three [[/underlined]] severe wounds upon him, they were carried before the P. M. and were fined [[underlined]] each alike [[/underlined]] and this is only a sample this mans singular administration - Of course the result of such pretended administration of justice is the execration of the whole community - and the deepest disgrace to the Freedmens Bureau.

Now Colonel allow me to say that this is on the whole a community of [[underlined]] good [[/underlined]] people, and one too which would appreciate and honor a fair administration of the Freedmens Bureau, and further that such a deep rooted dissatisfaction
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